The Truth of Inconsistency


"The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word because the eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loathe to disappoint them.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.

Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict everything you said to-day. –‘Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.’ — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, from “Self Reliance”.


Truth is not static. Truth is a constant, infinite flow of revelation – Consciousness is ever unfolding. If we are adhering to being consistent, we block that flow and delay the unfoldment.

The power of living in Now, is in living by the Word in a continuous unknowing. Every day can be full of the conscious awareness of Grace if there is an emptying out of yesterday’s manna, that fresh manna for today may fill us. The known will do us no good, and if we are paying attention, we will also see that it is wholly unreliable. The Truth revealed yesterday was for yesterday – the Truth revealed tomorrow will be for tomorrow. We must live in the revelation, the divine thought, that we become aware of today, now, even if it is different and even if it contradicts.

With our willingness to trust and stay open, ignorance is indeed bliss, as Infinite Intelligence is realized in the absence of a false and finite “little” mind.

The Risen Consciousness

One of my favorite places in Charlottesville, VA is Ash Lawn-Highland – the mountaintop home of James Monroe, our third president. One afternoon in April, I was drawn to go up there. It was a beautiful day, but just as I arrived, a storm began to pass through. I was moved to start taking pictures. It wasn’t until I returned home, that I noticed the gift I had been given – this image of an arrow in the sky. After the astonishment wore off, I realized the blessing and the message. It says it all…

Look up, and away from this world of appearances…

To rise up out of the material consciousness of duality into the consciousness of Oneness is to see the nothingness of disharmony and discord.

When we focus our attention on the opposites of this world, we will always experience duality – sickness and health, wealth and poverty, war and peace. This is why we must lift our attention, our awareness, in order to see harmony, abundance, fulfillment and peace. If we really contemplate this, we will see that there is absolutely no other way.


Don’t look so closely at the details that you find the devil* there!

To see with the single eye of Soul vision is to have the 30,000 foot view – to know that in Reality, there are no problems that need solutions and there are no questions that require answers, only the consciousness that contains them.  

The rising is done by and through the acceptance of Self – our unbound, un-dimensional infinite Spirit that exists only outside of time. It is impossible to open ourselves to higher realms, higher levels of awareness, unless we are living in this True Self.

It takes stillness, born of longing, to know who we are, and to stay risen above the chaos and clutter of an imperfect lie. The act of rising in Consciousness is simultaneously an act of surrender. A surrender to Perfection where the Truth of our Being already is, immortal, infinite, everywhere-present, all-knowing, and power-full.


*(devil meaning duality, or the dualistic nature of material consciousness.)

Q&A – Seeing seeming departed souls

The Question:

A question, no rush when you have the time, have any of the Oneness Speakers mentioned “seeing the seeming departed souls?”  I ask because there is currently a wider audience accepting death is not final, and many mediums are on TV speaking to seeing the departed.  Marie Watts had a chapter dedicated to the immortal body, and no need for it “to die.” The Bible does speak to seeing the “departed” such as Moses, Elias,….


The Answer:

Dear S,

Thank you for your question! 

Only God can see God. 

When we realize that we are immortal, we will “See” as God “Sees”. The whole Christ message was to show that there is no such thing as death and that matter is an illusion. No mortal, (meaning no material consciousness, or a belief in a physical universe that has any power and substance to it), can know the things of Spirit.

We must alter our perspective, our perception, if we want to Know the truth about Life and “death”.

There is no need to see departed souls, so to speak, in order to realize that death does not exist. We can experience our true infinite and eternal nature right here and now with the continual acceptance of the Truth. That’s what the message of the Absolute (meaning Truth that does not change) endeavors to convey. In Reality, there are no separate souls, but individual aspects of One Source, One Being, One Life, One Consciousness.

Having said this, we always experience that which we most strongly believe, for as it states in the Gospel of Thomas, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner……then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

In Oneness,


The Revelation:

Greetings Octavia!

Your response was beautifully written.  How true we need not see departed souls to realize death is not.  It “appears” we see by degrees, and it “appears” there is a person who resist giving God All the Glory as duality has been accepted to be Reality. 

None of that human-ness is Real.  The Truth and the Reality of what IS IS-ing is Eternally Present.  

Thank you immensely for sharing! 

In Christ, 


The Power of Yes

Inwardly saying Yes to all situations and circumstances that present themselves to our awareness can be a very powerful activity.

We exist within the living rhythm of the Infinite, within the Lifestream that flows gracefully and effortlessly. Beliefs in any aspect, subtle or obvious, of a finite, mortal human existence, are like boulders diminishing the full potential of force. They cause us to react – and we find ourselves trying to make a bad appearance better or trying to cling to a good one. Reacting to an appearance, in any way, interrupts that rhythm.

We are told, not to resist evil. Agree with thine adversary, it is said, for it is only world mind tempting us to believe the illusion is real, and we are not perfect, infinite Being.

Agreeing with and saying Yes to the Truth, removes the dam to reveal the power and fullness of unlimited Love and Light in action. And when we are with another who is also saying Yes, the cumulative experience can be an awe-inspiring, beautiful thing to behold.

Saying Yes, opens out the way for the imprisoned splendor to escape, and if one or more are there in agreement, the effect can be an explosion of Light, an almost overwhelming, infinite hug. A spaciousness so deep and so full, that everything known is swallowed up and lost.

Love what is before you, love every appearance for what it really is, everyone for what they really are. Acknowledge that what is here, is the Source that sustains you. YES, I hear you, YES, I see you. Navigate with a loving heart through all of it…wherever Love leads. For what is more wise and powerful than Love?

The Time is Now for Joy

In the movie “The Hours”, Meryl Streep’s character says in one scene, as she’s describing how she felt being in relationship with a certain man…

“So, this is the beginning of happiness. This is where it starts. And, of course, there will always be more.” Then she laughs ruefully and goes on to say, “It never occurred to me it wasn’t the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment … right then.”


For a moment, the veil of illusion parted, and she caught a glimpse of Reality.

Humanly, happiness does seem to have a beginning and an end, because the human condition is in time. No matter how great the happiness, if it was caused by something in this world, it is still just an imitation of Divine Joy and will always be temporary. What we are being shown here, is that Joy is the ever-present manifestation of Now.

Happiness, Joy, is not something to be attained or wished for. It is not dependent on a future, or non-existent person, place, thing or condition. It is found only in the total surrender to our True Identity in this eternal moment of Now. Joy is not our continual experience when we deny that It is what we are – right here, right now.

Causeless Joy is real, but it is only realized when we surrender to the Truth that it is our Self-existent nature. It’s what is (seemingly) buried underneath all those negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs. We can experience Joy at any given moment by simply letting go of the finite concepts we are entertaining, and giving ourselves over to Infinite Bliss.

God is always smiling…

Choose Life Eternal

Choose Life Eternal. Ponder not the things of the world, the noise of the mind, but abide in the Silence.

In the appearance of separateness, where all things change, including the body, look not for the Spirit of everlasting life.  You will never find God in a world where all things perish.  Seek God within your True Self. Here, you will find the Truth that you are not the appearance, but the changeless perfection of the Infinite. Abide there, and let Spirit transform your Experience.


Q&A – “Losing” the awareness of Oneness

The Question:

I have just found your website and wanted to email you for guidance.

I have been a seeker of Truth for a long time, i have studied everything i could put my hands on, from Advaita vedanta to Joel Goldsmith, not mentioning anything in between.

The teachings of Joel have always touched me deeply, it sets within me a resonance of the recognition of Truth, of my being, of God.

My question is this:

I am growing more and more in God, becoming ever more conscious of my oneness with my Creator, some days the recognition is very deep and it is almost effortless, my conscious awareness of my oneness with God is all i experience Life becomes magical an adventure of deep deep Love and yet there is periods sometimes quite long 2 weeks or more when it is as if the veil is put back on and again i feel seemingly separate from God, but all through it a deep trust and knowing never wavers, that whatever it seems to appear i know the Truth ” I and my Father are one”, so i just go through my day waiting for the veil to lift again. in those moments my mind is continuously trying to bring me down, doubting and telling me it is all a waste of time, this oneness that i experience is all imagination.

What i would like to know is, is this normal this experiencing without a shadow of a doubt of my true Being and my Source, that i am never separated from Him and later being back in the dream of separation, as no one seems to speak about this, the way they explain seems like once you have realized your oneness that is it, yes they do speak about the difficulties that are faced along the way, but not of “losing” their conscious awareness of it.

Also, what is there to be done in those days when I feel separated, nothing?

Thank you, i hope my email makes sense.

The Answer:

Yes, these periods of seeming separation are normal – we all experience them to one degree or another along the way. What we “experience” however, is not as important as the change in Consciousness, in our perception, that happens through Revelation – that is permanent, but not necessarily something we will “feel”. Remember, anything we sense in our mind or body, is always temporary as it is the effect, and the “material” imitation of Reality, not Reality Itself. The Truth of our Being is invisible and incorporeal. 

Truth is also infinite – Oneness is infinite, so there is never an “end” to Self-Realization. In fact “waking up from the dream” is just the beginning! “In my Father’s house, are many mansions…”.

As long as there is still a sense of a “me” separate from I, we will seem to experience separation, but once we have the realization of our Oneness, we can never lose our conscious awareness of It, because we are It – we are Awareness Itself. That is why there is a “deep trust and knowing that never wavers” (beautifully stated!). To the degree that we entertain a belief in a separate self, that is the degree that a “separate sense of self” will be right there waiting for that opening, that crack in our spiritual insulation, and will test the strength of our abiding in Truth. 

The I of your Being is all that exists. Period. It is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. It Knows what It is doing and is unfolding in and as Perfect Grace – in Perfect Order and Perfect Harmony. Anything that suggests itself to be other than this must be turned away from, ignored. 

This is such an individual “process”, and our experience of Grace, is completely unique to us. So trust and have faith that Grace is flowing and functioning exactly as it is supposed to, for you.

The best thing to do during those periods where you feel disconnected is to be in Silence, surrendering totally to the Now, resting in the allness of your True Identity. Waiting for the veil to lift again, is actually an acknowledgment that there is really a veil – that illusion exists. Nothing can separate us from God but a belief.

We must continuously keep our attention on Truth – a constant acceptance of what Is, and a constant indifference to what isn’t. As our conviction of the truth of Oneness deepens, and as we are vigilant in turning from the appearance, the periods of feeling separated will become less and less, and abiding will become more and more effortless and automatic. The more we are willing and able to be that transparency, to create that vacuum, the more the Light shines and we can See who we really are.      

It’s all about Silence and Identity – Be still and know that I Am God…All is well, always…

In Oneness, 


The Revelation:

You have answered my question beautifully, thank you.

Your explanation soothed me and enabled me to rest, no matter how the seeming separation is I just rest knowing the Truth of my being.

God is my whole being, therefore i am never separated from my Creator even if the experience says otherwise.

Right now my oneness with God is, the feeling of separation has disappeared and I am in Love, the more i rest in that Love that God is, the more i experience our oneness, God is I and my heart is full of joy and unbearable gratitude.

Also, whatever unharmonious appearances, there is nothing for me to do, “the battle is not yours” I do not even believe it is God’s battle either, as there is nothing to fight against, God does not need to battle anything, as He is the only Power, The only One, what would He have to battle against? nothingness?  He is the Light that I am, therefore this Light dissolves whatever appears as darkness.

Thank you so much for your support, i very well know that these “separation” will happen again, but each time i am stronger in the Truth and new revelations are born from it,

thank you


How Does an Artist See?

"The Prophet" by Mooji

"The Prophet" by Mooji

“You’ll be feeling that invisible dimension behind the material object and that invisible dimension will enable you to understand that material object. How does an artist see new beauty? Because he sees beyond the mere three-dimensional form. He sees into the soul of what he’s working with. And its soul in you will enable you to see that in a new relationship.

You don’t look at an object and try to see the soul of it – you look from your own soul at the object. For your soul is the soul of the object. You’re really looking from within that object at its outer self. You look at the soul of you which is within that object as its soul – for the one soul of the universe is your soul. When you find it and touch it and live in it, it is within everything else you are looking at”.

– Herb Fitch, from talk 2 of Parenthesis in Eternity.

Where Truth Abides

“There is a spiritual myth of India which contains deep wisdom and light. It tells of a council of the gods at which it was purposed to invest man with deity. A debate arose as to how it might be entrusted to him without his misusing it. One suggested that it might be buried in the depths of the sea, so that he would not easily find and abuse it. Another advised to place it on the most inaccessible mountain top. Finally the supreme head of the assembly declared that he thought of a place where no man would think of looking for it — in the deepest chambers of man’s own heart.”

Excerpted from Lillian De Waters’ “Message of the Absolute”.

Little Did We Realize…

Little did we realize, when we started out on our spiritual quest in search of Truth, in search of answers, that the journey would lead us right back to ourselves – that those answers, that Truth and that guidance is all “within” us.

Little did we realize, that the mind that was seeking, was sabotaging our conscious awareness of Truth and preventing true Knowing by accepting a belief that Truth is somewhere “outside” of us.

Little did we realize, that the more faith and trust we put in “others”, be they friends, parents, teachers, masters, or gurus, the less likely we were to witness whatever it was we were putting our faith and trust in those “people” for.

As we go deeper, we realize that a permanent, lasting, and dependable change in consciousness, is enabled only by the acceptance of the full and total Truth, not just part of the Truth.

In total Truth, we recognize and acknowledge the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence of our inherent divinity. This isn’t just about experiencing Oneness, or even of awakening, it’s about Knowing through Experience, the Source of All – what it is, and what it isn’t…

“Within”, “without”, “others”, “people” – these are all concepts suggested by a false identity we accept, that sees in a fragmented, dualistic way. The Kingdom is Finished, but not in a finite way – Infinity is always and forever Being and expressing. Finished means, always Perfect, Complete, and Whole. 

It’s up to us whether we accept this false identity in time and space, or, that we are the King of our Kingdom, Here and Now.

Just Be

It’s as simple as this: Just Be.

Be the Truth – the Truth is Love, so Be Love. The Truth is Peace, so Be Peace. The Truth is Joy, so Be Joy. The Truth is Infinite, so Be Infinite. The Truth is Eternal, but most of all, the Truth is Now – so Be the Truth Now.

Be that Living Presence that is aware now, and aware only of, Now.