Little Did We Realize…

Little did we realize, when we started out on our spiritual quest in search of Truth, in search of answers, that the journey would lead us right back to ourselves – that those answers, that Truth and that guidance is all “within” us.

Little did we realize, that the mind that was seeking, was sabotaging our conscious awareness of Truth and preventing true Knowing by accepting a belief that Truth is somewhere “outside” of us.

Little did we realize, that the more faith and trust we put in “others”, be they friends, parents, teachers, masters, or gurus, the less likely we were to witness whatever it was we were putting our faith and trust in those “people” for.

As we go deeper, we realize that a permanent, lasting, and dependable change in consciousness, is enabled only by the acceptance of the full and total Truth, not just part of the Truth.

In total Truth, we recognize and acknowledge the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence of our inherent divinity. This isn’t just about experiencing Oneness, or even of awakening, it’s about Knowing through Experience, the Source of All – what it is, and what it isn’t…

“Within”, “without”, “others”, “people” – these are all concepts suggested by a false identity we accept, that sees in a fragmented, dualistic way. The Kingdom is Finished, but not in a finite way – Infinity is always and forever Being and expressing. Finished means, always Perfect, Complete, and Whole. 

It’s up to us whether we accept this false identity in time and space, or, that we are the King of our Kingdom, Here and Now.