One to One with Octavia

I have found that the most direct and workable form of spiritual guidance is through the individual session.


Through experience and awareness, my reliance is able to be completely on what is given in the moment - this spontaneity allows for the highest and most relevant Truth to come forth and fulfill the present need, while opening and uplifting Consciousness.

I work fearlessly from pure, alive Presence, in the intimacy and immediacy of Now. Listening deeply from and with utter reliance on, Infinite Intelligence, what is right for you at any given time to Hear, to Know, will come through our receptivity, questions and Silence.
By seeing through the shadows of conditioning, the patterns that seem to bind you in separation can be dissolved so that Truth is revealed – then, transformation is a given. I will take you to the edge of your reason and with gentleness, patience and persistence, hold you in the space of Love that allows you to live and shine from that power of the conscious awareness of your Oneness with All.

Silence is an important aspect of our time together whether it is planned or it spontaneously arises. The Truth revealed is very potent and must be allowed to sink deeply into Consciousness, not merely be intellectually understood. Source does the work!

Sessions are available in-person or by phone, WhatsApp and audio Skype, by appointment for a suggested donation of $60-$80 which can be made on or before the scheduled day, on the Donate page of this site. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like the call recorded as there is a different number to call (a link to the recording will be emailed to you following the session).

Simply fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page, to request a consultation.



testimonials of an impersonal partnership...


Since I began doing sessions with Octavia, I notice more Presence, and that I have been lifted to a state of more awareness on a daily basis. When we have our sessions, I sense a clarity of my authentic self and can see the chatter, the mind talk, or the ego separate from my Self. This clarity has helped me be more present throughout my daily life and has opened my consciousness.

There have been times where I come with physical pains and a lot of worry, and by the end of our session it is all lifted off of me. I get insight into what starts those mind chatter and ego voices and how I personally get caught up in duality. 

Because of my sessions with Octavia, I am experiencing a dropping of old patterns faster, because I can see that I am not my old habits, patterns and beliefs.

She seems to say what I need to hear every time - her Presence is what elevates mine and sheds light onto the darkness.

This process seems to be more profound than even words can describe

~EL, Texas


I am so grateful for your continued support in my experience of Truth.

When I have my sessions with you, I feel connected to Source and the sense that I may actually be able to be present as my Divine Self feels like a REALITY.

I look forward to our "time" together and know that I have found the Greatest Teacher my Soul has been searching for, for eons.

Your patience and kindness and KNOWING is, of course, beyond words...

After all, that is the Goal... :)

~AN, New York


You are providing such a sacred service, Octavia. From my perspective you are the clearest, deepest and most effective writer/seer on these subjects today. The wealth of resources on this site present the miracle of light of some of the most important teachers, healers and miracle workers of our time. Such an abundance of spiritual gems that you so generously and graciously share. And your blog writing, so eloquent and profound; including your marvelously composed morning muses that work like seeds of light planted in my heart. Your consultation emails are so content-rich that I go back to them as wonderful wisdom literature. They stun me with their clarity and depth, and I have been living in the dazzling light that you disclose.

Our consultation phone conversations, so gentle and yet so deep, produce spiritual shifts beyond value. My life is so enriched, your work such a treasure. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Divine Determiner to have been so magically and miraculously led to you.

The light that shines through you to me, shines through me to others.

~BL, Georgia


There has been a shift this week. There is less heaviness and more lightness... I had the intuition that you had something to do with the shift.

I would normally have been curled up in a fetal position crying myself mercifully to sleep. Thanks to your guidance, I am actually quite relaxed and laughing... I feel liberated to know that I only need to do what this moment calls me to do.

Thank you!

~GM, California

Ever since I was a child I knew that fundamentally that our true nature is Divine. What has kept me from abiding and living fully this divinity is believing in the human collective mind set, that each of us were born into. I knew in this lifetime I am called to become free.

With reading the stories of many Masters, one of their statements that I read repeatedly, is "that two people can say the same thing. The more awakened consciousness has a greater affect upon both the individual and the collective." This is what I have found in my time with Octavia. The truth and power of consciousness that she transmits, awakens the deeper levels that are called to the surface for releasing as well as the Truth of who I Am as divine, is seen and known.

~EM, British Columbia