Q&A – Seeing seeming departed souls

The Question:

A question, no rush when you have the time, have any of the Oneness Speakers mentioned “seeing the seeming departed souls?”  I ask because there is currently a wider audience accepting death is not final, and many mediums are on TV speaking to seeing the departed.  Marie Watts had a chapter dedicated to the immortal body, and no need for it “to die.” The Bible does speak to seeing the “departed” such as Moses, Elias,….


The Answer:

Dear S,

Thank you for your question! 

Only God can see God. 

When we realize that we are immortal, we will “See” as God “Sees”. The whole Christ message was to show that there is no such thing as death and that matter is an illusion. No mortal, (meaning no material consciousness, or a belief in a physical universe that has any power and substance to it), can know the things of Spirit.

We must alter our perspective, our perception, if we want to Know the truth about Life and “death”.

There is no need to see departed souls, so to speak, in order to realize that death does not exist. We can experience our true infinite and eternal nature right here and now with the continual acceptance of the Truth. That’s what the message of the Absolute (meaning Truth that does not change) endeavors to convey. In Reality, there are no separate souls, but individual aspects of One Source, One Being, One Life, One Consciousness.

Having said this, we always experience that which we most strongly believe, for as it states in the Gospel of Thomas, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner……then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

In Oneness,


The Revelation:

Greetings Octavia!

Your response was beautifully written.  How true we need not see departed souls to realize death is not.  It “appears” we see by degrees, and it “appears” there is a person who resist giving God All the Glory as duality has been accepted to be Reality. 

None of that human-ness is Real.  The Truth and the Reality of what IS IS-ing is Eternally Present.  

Thank you immensely for sharing! 

In Christ,