Before the World



The Infinity of a

Deep blue sky

Before the

Marketplace of days,

Before our grip on the treasures

That keep our faith;

Come in Here


Here is Everywhere, and

Now is Always



The clock strikes

Let time escape


The Silence even,  is

Come in Here,

Before thoughts

That persist like the waves


Here is Everywhere, and

Now is Always


This Light


Understand this -

It comes in waves

This Light.

We ride it

Not realizing

We’re invisible

Not realizing

How fully perfect

It is

As we glow

In gratitude

For the Pulse that

Moves it all

In a steady, soft, spiral

Of Love

An Eternal Love that means

This moment will cease being

A memory

Ready on the lips

Of its betrayer.


More honest than a smile

These waves of Light

Erase our footprints

And even the shadows

That hold the impressions,

For when standing as

The Light, on a celestial Shore,

We know, our eyes are never really

Watching the sunset, and

We know, our feet are never really

Touching the sand.


It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter, what your name is

Or what you call Me.

It doesn’t matter, if you swam with the current

Or against it.

It doesn’t matter how often you sought Me out

Or cussed Me out

For I am your ever-abiding.

I am your ever-watching, ever-knowing, ever-doing  Essence.

What matters, is that you give your obeyance to

The still small voice inside you

For if you really listen, It will

Be as 10,000 trumpets, blasting out the discordant voices that tell you

You can’t - you shouldn’t - you won’t.

I know who you are (my beloved)

And that is

All that matters.


That is What You Are


The One who asks no questions.

Who, beyond right and wrong

Allows themselves to be directed

By the compass of their deepest longing,

Not just for love,

But the beauty itself, of

The thing stripped naked of

Color, and form, and the known.


You, are what is left after everything has been forgotten

And the ancient and the evermore have disappeared

As if they never happened or were longed for

Pressed bravely into this moment.


You, are the Silence, invisibly thundering

In a cloud of unknowing

Sheltering the light of

Pure awareness, that 

Dawns like a single sun,  

Burning off the fragments of the

Paradoxes, that fill your

Imaginary life.




The Seeker


With no sanctuary to crawl towards

But the alter of Silence

The seeker crawls instead

Into the coffin of his desires,

Into a womb of belief

Where only darkness can emerge.

And in the fog of forgetting, 

There is no clear reflection

And no paraffin for fire;

Nothing but a wordless mind wandering,

Hesitating to speak.

And his frantic eyes that pull

The curtain

Of heavy raiment down,

See only what isn’t there.

The Truths that whisper

And hide between the folds

Remain unseen and unheard.

Blinded by the seeming

Density of lies

He forgives himself

For daring to imagine

That it is really

A thin veil of ignorance

That separates him from


And he closes his eyes

Wondering if it’s death

That frightens him

As much as



Come Back


Come back, come back to where the water’s flow is infinite, clear

Where the light is more brilliant than a thousand suns, yet never burns

Where Love is so great and warm, there’s never a wound to heal

For there is never any separation.

Come back to where there are no memories,

Where the music lives and breathes, and notes hang on forever…

In a simple yet intricate harmony, that can never be explained.

Come back – I’ve been calling you,

You, my Love

Because you are my very Essence,

And I am your Freedom -

Beyond Beauty, Peace and Righteousness.

Your Star Has Never Fallen

Star in space.jpg

Nothing in this world of the sense-mind, of sensation, is real. It is a dream, and if we don’t know this, we allow it to pull us in. We wallow in a misery that isn’t even ours - none of it is ours, but we make it personal, even while accepting the Truth of the impersonal nature of existence. We moan about our trials. We blame “others” for our misfortune, or we blame God because we’re not “enlightened” yet. But there’s no God out there. We are the children of the living God, we are the Sun’s rays, and as long as we insist on behaving as the darkness, we will never be able to shine.

We may think to ourselves, well, I just have not found the real Truth, the Absolute Truth. I need to listen to more talks, I need to read more books. I need to find a teacher that I resonate with. The Truth is, there is no teacher “out there” that you resonate with. There is only Consciousness, and what you accept into it.

It may be hard to hear that you are alone. But guess what? You are also infinite, you are also whole. You are eternally everything you have been seeking, everything that is in the deepest (and shallowest) part of your Being, and when you realize your oneness with THAT, the word alone and every other word will dissolve, as will your seeming experience of loneliness. The fullness of your being, the fullness of your Is-ness will be so great, that you will need and want nothing - nothing more than to be constantly accepting this fullness, this wholeness that you are. And the “everyone” that seem to be “out there”? You will see that there is never anyone out there but a mental projection.

It is all within You – everything, but your expression must reflect that wholeness.

If you were one of the ones who became aware that the earth was round, if you became aware that the idea of a flat earth was a myth, that it was actually a sphere, would you still be afraid to sail across the ocean for fear that your ship would fall off the edge? Would that stop you from fulfilling that inner longing to take a journey?

You have the power to be all that you have ever dreamed of being, but you have to take it. You have to realize you are walking on the yellow brick road and that the images of lack and limitation that you see out there, are nothing more than stories, old stories that have no meaning or substance or reality. If you can let them pass through your awareness, you will eventually come to discover their non-existence, and before you, you will see a great Star, your Home, your Sanctuary. And the more you focus on that Light, the more you will realize that it has always been there,

that you have never left,

that you have never fallen.

A Divine Soliloquy

When I opened my eyes, I immediately felt sad, for I realized that this was not the world I had pledged my heart to. Who were these imposters? Where did the irreverence come from? Have I been blessed or cursed?

As time went on, I watched as the seeds of Love within me that You planted, my Beloved, began to grow into a forest of courage, strength and fidelity...

To be blinded by fortune is indeed a curse, for it veils the Infinite Fountain of the kind of Fortune that has no opposite. And hidden deep and yet not so deep within this miasmic mesmerism, are the glimmerings of You, of Me, dancing together to the Great Waltz of Ages past, present and future - all One, and all kissed with a divine fragrance of humility and majesty - simultaneously.


How can I See? How can I Be? The answer of course, contained within the question, loosing its formidable, unstoppable flow of a wisdom within the Unknowing.

I must See, I must Be, that which precedes, and is, my footsteps - the road to nowhere, that asks only that it be traveled, the Jewels of Perfection that ask only that they be Held.


So let the snake bite and reveal the comfort that eiderdown can never provide. For tho’ it seems to steal our equanimity, our peace, we can choose to Know the Source and Substance of this great Love that acts in accordance with the law of Allowance. I will not hide from something that is simply a masquerade. Every tear summons another and every break will be mended, beneath our watchful Eye, the I that is Us.

I am living behind the time that is stopped, by the thought that is stilled, and I am dying within the flame that burns and turns to ash, my innocence.


Look closely at the creature, and you’ll see the face of an angel asking to be recognized.

Dare we?

Only our humility can substitute the true for the false. My Kingdom is not of this world.

And isn’t it incumbent upon our Purity to not lay nestled in a burrow of contentment, but to favor the frigid and the torrid as equally impotent?


The Absolute says there is no battlefield, no sick, no lame, no dying…

Yet isn’t it that, to Live we must die, to Be the Christ, we must be crucified, to Be One, we must gather up the fragments? This is how it is in the Allness of God, for we can only have It, if we are first willing to lose it.

We must go deep, well beneath our understanding, and in spite of our feeling.


Then what is this resident refrain of this impossible scene that calls and invites me to sharpen my focus?

A blessing? A curse?     


A command.



Love given, brightens any darkness and gathers up the fragments of a heart that has seemed to be shattered - Love is not just Oneness, It is also Wholeness. We hurt only because we imagine we are broken.

Love erases all sense of time and separation, enabling us to live in compassion and understanding for that which has seemingly wronged us.

It truly forgives, by allowing that there is nothing to forgive. It blesses and redresses, and never sees beyond the Perfection of Now.

It reveals there is nothing ever to heal, and never asks for compensation.

And in loving deeply, we find we can stand firmly on ground that seems to be crumbling beneath our feet, or watch without resistance as the forms we are cherishing seem to be withdrawing from our sight, though we try to hold our grasp.

In a fully complete embrace, in Its allowance of suffering and pain, joy and pleasure, or vanishing images, Love softens the hard edges that would not allow us our vulnerability.

An open Heart cannot be broken.


Giving Up, to Endure

Do we really need to pick up our lost threads of understanding if all has its purpose in Now, and what we need is given us, not through the mind, but through our capacity for Love and Oneness that resides at the Heart of Being?
The Infinite weaves its tapestry of Life invisibly and clothes us in its cloud of unknowing. We must allow ourselves to be constantly relaxed and reinvented, for Life is always new and fresh and free.

The omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of God, of Life, of the Infinite, is synergistic. It all works together for Good and it includes all of Life – the invisible, the visible, the un-manifest and the manifest. It works outside of mind, but mind is used, and is a part of it. Without mind, nothing would come into visibility, but, it all has to happen organically, naturally, in its own time and space (which is actually outside of time and space).
If we latch on to any one aspect of it, and try to manipulate something that is already in the process of being created perfectly, we will limit that creation, and we will stifle that synergy.

Therefore, it is important to know that when we notice a specific area, such as diet, and we find something that works for us, that we accept it as a gift, as a blessing, but that we don’t make it our religion. We don’t even make it our practice. We do it because it is coming from within to do in Now, and we know that we will do it until it doesn’t feel right to do it anymore.

This is living in the Tao - this is giving up continually so that we may endure, dying daily so that we may Live.

Standing Still

Blog lighthouse.jpg

Can you step out of your comfort zone by doing something that really frightens you? Not just something like swimming in the deep part of an ocean whose sharks scare you out of your wits, but perhaps something more subtle, like not reacting and holding your tongue when someone judges or criticizes.

Can you trust something that you know absolutely nothing about, having faith that Life will carry on past your self-created description - descriptions gained only from sense perception, knowing the sheer terror the word infinity brings to the false sense of me and going ahead anyway with not inwardly acknowledging that one who is suffering, but relenting to just being that which you are, that which they are, that which Life is - all encompassing Love - which is beyond words, and unfolds as your experience from one simple choice?

Yes, it is a self-imposed and self-enclosed boundary that we can dissolve, the moment we choose love over fear, We don’t need to be certain we are right, we just need to lose interest in our self, and care more about the Truth than our delusion of It.

When we choose to stand still for once, instead of running towards or running away from an imaginary second power, we allow the One Power to bring forth our New Life. 

And that voice that tells you you’re wrong, that tells you to watch out, do you think it bothers to speak when you’re playing it safe, living from those fantasies in the mind, or do you think it creeps up when you’re about to step out of that familiarity and into something untried and unknown?

Listen to it, but don’t follow it.

It’s there to guide you and to challenge you to take the leap of faith that catapults you into an expanded Consciousness. It uses the acceleration of doing something you fear, to jolt you awake and out of your self-imposed slumber (yes, self-imposed and self-maintained). You are the only one who can bring you Home. There is nothing outside of You – that is how big You are. Everything we are shown is a signpost, a beacon of Light, constantly flashing signals.

Look, but don’t follow them, follow what they are shining on. And know that what they are shining on, is a reflection of your Self - is a reflection of what is within you.

All is within - there is no outside.


Hallelujah means, I’m Here, I’m Home – This Is It. Amen means, It is finished, It is done. The world that I thought was a miracle, is folly unto mine own eyes and heart. If I take it to be real, I miss the stubborn fact that nothing is real that has been shown to me – it is all second-hand. Truth is always the original – always the renewing, but never the renewable.

When I cast my fate to the wind, I’m knowing, that like a feather, when I am light, I’m in a continuous updraft, constantly moving but never going anywhere.

Therefore I say Amen, and Hallelujah!

To Trust In Now

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. Now we’re at the place where the rubber hits the road, where we have to make a choice; what will we allow our attention to be on?

We’re so used to listening to and even obeying our thoughts, that to commit to being vigilant and determined to do the opposite, can seem quite daunting, but I’ll tell you this from the outset, I’ll tell you this from the very beginning… it is only daunting to that remnant of false sense of self that we still believe exists. We are never asked for more than what we are capable of at any given time, but we have to want to be real.

The times we live in are not like those when the books we read were written and the talks we listen to were recorded. They just aren’t. Consciousness is infinite, therefore constantly expanding.

The game is on, the Light is Here, the Truth is Here, God is Here, but are we going to take it or are we going to continue in the old ways?

We see our patterns - we see where we fall and we see how we rise. We know about duality and Oneness and temptation and revelation.

It’s time.

What will receive the honor of our acceptance?

What will we embrace and what will we reject?

The choice is ours alone - no one else can clean up our mess. But the revealed Word implores us to trust that God, that perfection and love and harmony is right here available, regardless of whether we’re flying high in revelation or struggling with basic necessities in apparent ignorance. It asks us to See that in Now, there is no mess. 

When we trust in Now, the thoughts of time never touch us. Disease and poverty dis-appear because in the recognition of the fullness of Now, there is only abundance, harmony, wholeness and perfection.

Nothing but Now reveals the Truth of Life – its freshness, its power.

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

We don’t always realize how we resist, we don’t always realize when we resist, unless we are practicing awareness. It seems funny that we have to practice something we already are, but because we’ve been hypnotized for so long, this is the initial effort that it takes.

Truth does not reveal Itself to those who are desperate to know It. It reveals Itself to those who want to just Be It, who want to simply live It.

Get outside - turn off your computer, your phone, your iPad - get outside. Go for a walk, a bike ride – get on a train!

Sit on a bench and look, just simply look,

Sit in a field and listen, just simply listen,

being willing to hear every sound that you are aware of.

Listen, and you will be amazed at what you eventually Hear.

Look, and you will be amazed at what you See, what is really Here.

Take your attention away from the mind, keeping it only on what you are hearing and seeing…
Without the interference of and identification with thought, the senses can perceive spiritually. Without labeling, we are able to witness what is beyond the blue.

By knowing what you are not, you will discover what you are. You cannot know what you are - you just become aware of it through the presence of Now.

Our Inner Call To Action

We have to live with what we accept. The only channel the Infinite has is our Pure Consciousness,
and it WILL be externalized.

For all our listening, do we actually Hear?

For all our looking, do we actually See?

What good is Perception, if we continue to pretend and see problems instead of Perfection? Reality will not be denied, and the Oneness of Love will be our only experience if we will just




our Identity.

KNOW what is in thy sight, and what is hidden shall be revealed to you. There are no monsters out there creating catastrophe – the monsters are in the mind. The catastrophe seems real because you are not seeing through the angels in disguise.

The more we believe in the possibility that evil can exist, the more chance it has of seeming to be real.

We must be silent to these suggestions of an imaginary mind. Even saying “there is no lack or limitation”, is too much. The truth of Being in its allness and perfection needs nothing more than our intended, silent recognition and acceptance, and our willingness to be obedient to the inner guidance that shows us the way.

It will show us…if we let it.

It will teach us…if we let it.

How and when events will unfold, is revealed as they happen. We are to behold this unfolding, not giving any attention to the persistently inquiring mind, that has to know the details: the who, what, when, where, why and how!

But if we don’t know how ephemeral and powerless the thoughts of fear, doubt, lack or finiteness that are constantly strewn across our Path, are, they will seem to detour us. First they’ll slow us down, then the more we focus in on them, the more solid and real they will seem to be. They will appear to be able to stop us in our tracks, and we will think we have to listen to them, deal with them, argue with them, even figure out how to incorporate them into our journey! But if we can just see that they are only mental thoughts and images with no power at all, we can literally walk right through them. And when they come up again, if we walk through them again and persist with that, they will die of starvation, because the only thing they can exist on, is our attention. 

The time is now, for the Light is bright – we must do what is in our Heart or suffer the consequences of not. We must be extra alert as to how much we are feeding thought, as mind, or being the Watcher, as Awareness.

We need to realize that if we want to truly See, we must stop looking. It is the looking for that is preventing our Seeing what is already perfectly Here. The more we accept that we are eternal Spirit walking in an infinite spiritual Universe, the more we will See it, and the harder it will be to recognize any human identity.

We must wake up, fully, where we can be alert enough to obey our inner Call to Action, whatever that may be.

Every beat of our Heart is pulsing out our Destiny, and every breath contains our complete fulfillment, but will we surrender to that, instead of letting the perversity of thought ru(i)n our Life or tempt us to believe it can ru(i)n our Life?

Every Day is completely New, and whether we are aware of it or not, we are walking a Path of Light – a path so shimmering, golden and pure that when we walk consciously as this Light, we become invisible to the troubles of the world, and the darkness in our life disappears.

Q&A - Grace and "Healing"

The Question:

Hi Octavia,

I am having an inner conflict with doing acupuncture for healing. I just listened to Lillian, Be Still and Know. It is an excellent 5 minute summary on what all the principles are that we are studying. It is futile to look for health with the mind or any treatment because the mind and body are illusions. Only by knowing that God and I are One can we realize we are already in perfect health.

I find myself looking forward to my acupuncture treatment next week to get some relief and healing. However, I feel that this hope is undermining my spiritual practice of I and God are One. I am in the trap that the body is real and a treatment using human laws will work. So I meditate thinking that meditation is not getting me anywhere but the acupuncture will. It is like seeking out a healer to help me so I depend on something outside myself for health. 

I also find I get a little relief when I do qigong, a practice for healing. The main wisdom again is that when we know that I and God are One, we see we are in perfect health.

I am confused. I feel that I am going against what all these Mystics are teaching. I would be kicked out of the class!! Any thoughts on this?

Thanks,  I


The Answer:

The short answer is that if we are having conflict, we are in the mind, identifying as a separate self. In the One Self there is no opposition because it is the All and Only One I Am. So the first step, is to get out of the mind and into the Silence of your True Being, that One Self that knows all and where there is never conflict. Remember, everything is within your consciousness - there is nothing outside of You.

There is a difference between looking for an answer, a solution "in the world" which we know is illusion, and dealing with an aspect of it that is already in full bloom, so to speak.

Yes, what Lillian speaks of is the Truth, but only to the degree of our inner conviction of it followed by a revelation of the truth about it, will it come into the fullness of its realization, and be demonstrated in our experience. Healing (revealing of the Truth) happens with Revelation. When we are still, perhaps asking for the Truth about this condition to be revealed, and then patiently waiting for the answer (in the form of Revelation) we will experience and witness the wholeness already present. But if we are so distracted by the appearance, that it is difficult to meditate, to get as still as we need to be, we must accept that and not feel guilt or any other human emotion about it - that is a waste of our time and energy. 

This is a tricky one, and a challenge - what do we do? Do we continue knowing the Truth, practicing our dedication and unwavering determination to Be and live the Truth in every aspect of our lives, forsaking any human footsteps, or do we take human footsteps to deal with the "situation at hand" knowing that God is All, in All, and that there is no person place, situation or condition that is not really just a misperception of the substance of Wholeness?

What we do out in the "material world" is less important than what is in our Consciousness.

Where we are perceiving from and what we are perceiving as, is the key.

The material world is not really the material world, it is the Kingdom of God misperceived by our erroneous identification with the illusion, the separated sense of "me" and what its five "physical" senses show us. Shift your focus, and thereby your perception, and you see an entirely different world - one of Harmony and fulfillment.  

Self-Realization happens by degrees, and if, while we are working towards it, something in the visible seems to need attention, should we ignore that? While we are still conscious of having a visible body, we need to be good stewards of it - take care of it, not neglect it. If it's hungry, don't we feed it? If it's tired don't we put it to bed? We do these things all the while knowing what it really is - just a mental image, with no power of its own.

To not pursue an avenue of healing (if we are unable to heal spiritually) just because it doesn't correspond with the Absolute, is actually to deny the Absolute. This is the hard lesson that some Christian Scientists have learned. Many have left this scene, missing their chance to die before they die, (die to their humanhood, so that they may live in their Christhood) because of strictly adhering to the letter of Truth, thereby taking themselves out of Grace. Grace is what is before us now, and we must flow with it if we want to be at Peace. Accepting this doesn't mean we are accepting that the illusion is real, but that we are acknowledging what the illusion really is. 

Discord comes upon us because of our ignorance, or our unwillingness to abide in continuous God Consciousness - either way, it is a lesson, a blessing really - a gift that shows us where or how we need to be more diligent in living in Truth.

As we mature spiritually, as more and more, the lies that we have identified with are replaced by Truth in Consciousness, the body will need less and less attention, to the point where we will hardly even notice it - it's just there and it goes about doing this and that, but WE are not present in it thus very detached from it. It's just another image that we are aware of, like a tree or a car.

Also, what will happen, is that more and more of our divine, perfect Body will show forth, as the illusory mental image is replaced by God Substance.

Remember, your inner Master is the most reliable guide. Be obedient to what you feel in your Heart of Hearts to do, and the right decision will be made. 


In Oneness,

There is Nothing Outside of You

On a weekend retreat at a B&B in Cloverdale, CA, my husband and I were meditating when these words came through – “There is nothing outside of You”.

That was in 1988, and it took many years for the depth and profundity of this Truth to be fully realized.

All that you are, and all that you experience visibly and invisibly is within your Consciousness -and It is all Consciousness. You are talking to You, you are walking with You. The only relationship you have is with yourSelf.

As you keep your attention off of the appearances of separation, you start to perceive that you really do live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And what about the duality and disharmony that you are still experiencing?   

Even as we progress spiritually, we can think, if I'm at this stage, I shouldn't be having problems with my body or my spouse or my job or my money. What does that mean?

Every form of discord is only there to point us back to Truth, and to enable (or sometimes, force) us to deepen our abiding.

Again, the tempter is always there to try and take us out of the truth of our Oneness. Our role is to stand fast in that Truth and never waver, knowing that to the degree that we can do this, is the degree that we will experience Oneness and Harmony.

There is nothing outside of your Consciousness, and what arises in, and eventually goes out of, has nothing to do with Reality. Rest in the emptiness – where the words, thoughts and feelings cannot trouble you, for they are like the “endless rain into a paper cup” that falls and disappears. You are not this cycle that you see. Nothing that Is, can be seen and thus measured or made to have an opinion of. That’s the role of the false and finite human mind.

Take “There is nothing outside of Me”  into contemplation and ponder deeply until you feel and are in, the Silence. Then listen for and allow this Truth to sound deep within you.

Acknowledge and accept that there really is nothing outside of You. You are Consciousness and Consciousness is all there is - it is absolutely all that exists.


Rubin’s Vase – Keep Looking

A recent Morning Muse stated,

The practice is not to ignore this visible world, but to keep looking past it, beyond it, to its invisible Source. If God is All, then It is everywhere and everything – infinitely. If we keep looking, we soon discover the Essence of Life and what our senses perceive, to be One Divine Substance.    

                                         Keep Looking…

The practice that the muse is referring to, is actually a looking inward. It is talking about a deeper understanding of contemplation – a looking that is done within. One can’t really look any other way, if we are to accept God’s Allness, and the realized Truth that there is no objectified world “out there”.

It is about correcting the false assumption, that somehow this manifest world is outside of God, and thus should be ignored as illusory or irrelevant. The Truth is that Heaven is right here, right now, visibly, when we are consciously perceiving It.

The picture here, is of Rubin’s Vase, an optical illusion developed by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin around 1915. When you first look at it, you see a vase, but if you keep looking, all of a sudden you see two profiles of a face! The face was there all along, but you had to keep looking to be able to See it.

The wonderful thing about this, is that there was no effort involved,

just a change in perception.

This is what happens when we are still, long enough, to allow this Seeing of the Truth of any thing or situation. It’s about noticing – what Mind are we seeing this world with? If, when we first look at something we seem to observe an image of lack or limitation, contemplation of Truth if pursued, can reveal a new image of harmony and abundance.

Contemplation of Truth brings the attention back to what Is. And in that Is-ness, we find a relaxed Joy and Serenity of Being that allows Perfection to be seen.

This visible world is only a reflection of our Consciousness. We See what we Be.

A Narrow Way

Yes, this is a narrow way “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

The broad ways of religion, and certain teachings that appeal to the masses, can be wonderful entryways into a more spiritually-centered life. They can be stepping stones onto and along the path, but at some point as we’re going along, Spirit leads us to the Ultimate Truth that passes understanding outside of the realm of mind, and outside of time and space. Because to realize the Truth of Being, we must, just, BE.

The narrow way requires an uncompromising fidelity to, reverence for, purity of – this ultimate Truth that there is nothing but God. The narrow way requires discipline, determination, persistence, vigilance, and a deep longing for It. The surrender that is required of us is so great, that it can never be accomplished otherwise.

As a previous Morning Muse stated,

The potent combination of an intense longing to Know our True Nature
and the willingness to open our consciousness to the Infinite, brings about transformation – but nothing will happen, unless nothing else matters.

If this seems unsettling, overwhelming or even frightening, we must realize that it is only that to an ego which knows this means its demise. But the ego is not real, and is not a static thing. It is created every time we put our attention on a false sense of self. It is made real every moment we take thought about it, and if we cease taking thought – it simply is not there. Only True Being is there, universally, omnipresently, omnisciently, and omnipotently.

When we understand what letting go really means, we can be far less resistant. For all it is, is the willingness to see what is really Here by removing the mask, pulling down the veil of delusion and accepting the Truth that all there is, and all we are, is Divine Presence.

And in utter humility…

This is not a way to make a better human being, to have a better human life, or to improve the human condition. It’s about living in and as our True Self – in Oneness. The better visible outpicture is the added things; but seek ye first, the kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you. This way is the way of Ascension, not a horizontal progression along an imaginary timeline.

This way acknowledges the total Truth, and speaks to the Absolute, the Unmanifest, as well as the phenomenal world, and our role, our function, in “the world.”

And what about Purity? Being pure at heart doesn’t mean you’re not still aware of random world mind thoughts that float in, but you are not reacting to and holding on to any of those thoughts, emotions, resentments, grudges, judgments, or criticisms that all belong to an assumed false sense of self. In and out of meditation, you’re constantly surrendering, forgiving, and seeing in Oneness instead of separation.

It can feel like a very lonely life sometimes, but as you come more and more into the awareness of your True Identity as Divine Being, you realize how utterly omnipresent God is, and it gets harder and harder to feel alone.

And if you stay alert, paying close attention, you notice that Angels are all around you, guiding, teaching, blessing. Beautiful people, events, conditions and circumstances come into your life and take on a whole new Light. Instead of obstacles to be overcome, states to be attained, problems to solve, you see opportunities to expand your consciousness, to shed the shackles of counterfeit images that have absolutely nothing, you realize, to do with You.

Q&A – Who is Being Crucified?

The Question:

Truthfully, I’d rather not have people like this in my life. It’s like they’re paranoid and I’d have to be constantly on guard in dealing with them. Yes, I know this is all ego stuff but I am at the stage where I am unable to simply “rest and relax” when I am being “crucified”. I’m not there yet and don’t think I ever will be, frankly.

I’m still confused about how long does one stick in a situation before they can say enough is enough! Same with my “friend” Elizabeth who has left me to find new workers quickly and taken my rototiller with her along with my leaf blower. 
It just doesn’t seem consistent with Truth that I should permit people to steal from me or even have people working for me that I cannot “trust” even though the Course says to “trust my brother who is one with me”. I have worked with that Lesson many times in my life and I know it doesn’t mean to trust their ego but to trust the Christ in them. But, while I’m trusting the Christ in them, do they have to work for me?

I’m trying to figure out how to apply Truth to these situations.

“All that God created is good or it was not created!” And I get that our rising in consciousness “reveals” this to us. I get this in my head but am far from living it and experiencing it, unfortunately!

I wish that I would reach the tipping point and be free but wishing doesn’t make it so.



The Answer:

Hi C,

Doing nothing does not necessarily mean to literally do nothing. It means to not react, and let it affect you, because no conflict in the visible world of appearances is real, and it only has the power we give it by our attention. We have to lose interest in the story of the personality to be free of its seeming ability to pull us in, to get involved. When we are living in our true identity as the spirit of God, we automatically make the right decisions. In the absence of the sense of a separate “me” we are that empty vessel for Pure Awareness to work through.  

You say, I know this is all ego stuff but I am at the stage where I am unable to simply “rest and relax” when I am being “crucified”. I’m not there yet and don’t think I ever will be,”.

But look at what you just said! You are being crucified, but it’s the false you, the you that was never real in the first place. This is why I said in our phone conversation that we have to see these trials as the Holy Spirit’s way of getting our attention, by forcing us to surrender to our I AM Self – that Self that is omniscient and omnipotent and everywhere present as the Essence behind every form and situation we become aware of. This is the Absolute Truth, and it only requires our acceptance of, and willingness to abide in It.

You see, you are the witness of all that arises in your awareness, not the one seemingly experiencing. This I AM Self is Consciousness, not an entity, visible or invisible. If you can realize that YOU are not the one being crucified, it is the false sense of you that is, the one who has a history, a story. You are infinite and boundless, and made only of Love. 

You know, the metaphysical teachings that are part of our past, helped us get to where we are now, but at some point they need to be let go of, so that a new higher understanding can be allowed to unfold.

Truth is not static, It is infinite and forever revealing higher and deeper aspects of Itself through us.

When these trials come, we are being asked to rise in Consciousness, to perceive from a higher place – we must get out of the consciousness that is perceiving a “problem” and into our True, Real, Pure Consciousness that sees only Perfection.

We must deal with what is presenting itself to us right now, and only deal with that, not some arbitrary concept that we might be holding onto because it’s familiar, it’s “what we know”. The Truth we need to know for any situation comes through our Consciousness from the unknown, into Now, as we get still and listen.

But are we willing to do that? Do we really want Truth or do we want a better life? If we want Truth, we have to be willing to accept what is, and why it is, and realize that this way of awakening is fraught with turmoil – much of the time. Because in order for us to live authentically, the lie of the ego has to dissolve, and that can be painful in the beginning. But if we have truly been touched by the finger of God, we will not resist the fire, because we will know instinctively, that all that the fire seems to be burning up, is what was not really there in the first place. And after having gone through it a few times, you wonder what it was you were so afraid of!

This is why each problem is a divine gift really, a blessing bestowed upon us so we will reach for Truth, so we will become stronger in our faith with the overcoming. And we find that as we persist, and open more and more, the discord becomes less and less, and one day, when we least expect it, the Kingdom of Heaven opens up in its ineffable, radiant brilliance and is revealed to be right where we are. It was Here the whole time, we just couldn’t see it because we were hypnotized by being identified with a sense of a separate me.

The principle of impersonalization is a very helpful and important one. If we truly accept Oneness as real, then we must be willing to see ourselves and “others” as impersonal, that is, without personhood. The belief in a selfhood apart from God needs to be replaced with the Truth of One Being, One Substance, One Presence, One Intelligence, One Power.

Saying we know this, we understand this, however, is not enough. It must be practiced, lived with and contemplated until it becomes our natural way of Seeing. We really have to dwell with it constantly, until that Spirit of our Being announces the Truth from within as revelation. That is the only way it eventually outpictures as our life.

When we are relaxed in the Truth, because we have allowed it to become part of our Consciousness through contemplation and then Silence, our life flows as Grace, and we either do not experience negativity, or if we do, we barely notice it.

Again, as I said before, we only experience what is in our Consciousness – we are the only ones responsible for what happens in our life, because there is nothing and no one outside of our Consciousness. This has been called the law of externalization, or as Jesus said, in the Gospel of Thomas, “when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, …then you will enter the Kingdom.”

When we don’t react to the appearing trouble, and accept the Truth, we can be at ease, because we know that if God is All, there is not “me and them”. There are not two powers, only One. Therefore nothing can harm us, because nothing would harm itself. 


With you in the acceptance of the Perfection of Now,  

Much Love, 



The Response:

Hi Octavia—

Just had to thank you SO MUCH for this response. It seems I need to have something written down to refer to to remind me of what I need to “do”. I took some notes, but they seemed too sparse. This email has really made some points that have hit home—now on to the practice and the living. Thank you again!—C

Q&A – The Frustration of Thinking and Trying

The Question:

Good morning,

I was listening to a Joel Goldsmith tape yesterday on Goldsmithglobal and the whole principle was stated, there is only a good spiritual world, all else is mental image and illusion. This is the error;  thinking a body can heal. Thinking that a check will come in,

Thinking you will get that job. All error. There is only spirit, only God, so there is only perfection, nothing to heal or obtain.

So I awake this morning feeling worse than ever and my mind goes to what can I do to heal my body? Which practice, what food, what doctor, who can help? Error. My spiritual body has always been in perfect Heath.

I decided to do my meditation and few qigong and breathing exercises and not tell anyone in my circle of friends. I am doing the qigong and breathing just to keep my body active since I am not very mobile. Even then I feel like I am doing these things to heal and feel better so it is error still part of wanting to change the illusion and mental images.    

Meditation is still the most difficult thing because the words are meaningless. I say all the right things, you know them, I and God are One, etc. I watch my mind wanting something or someone to heal me and that is error but it is a broken record. I want to scream and beat my head looking for that realization of the Presence. Meditation seems so weird because I am doing what others have told me, even though they are people like Joel, Jesus, Buddha, Krishnamurti, yourself, and others who have seen the Truth. The best I can do is say, God, all I seek is a realization of your presence or What is a God, or What am I?

And from experience I know that no one can help me because I need to have this realization for myself. 

I am just expressing my spiritual frustration. Thanks for listening.


The Answer:

The error is thinking – at all. The error is trying – at all.

Let everything go…Be still and Know…

You are the Truth, only. Everything you are seeking is already your perfect Self, now.

Check in honestly – do you really want to accept this Truth? We have to be really ready to surrender what it is necessary to surrender, and this is done by our sincere acceptance of the Truth. We have to be willing to let go of thinking and trying – those are all human activities with the purpose of preserving the human identity.

You might consider not reading or listening for a little while. You should not be reciting words of Truth in your mind, if the words are meaningless to you. They should be felt. Meditation is a listening, not a beseeching, for anything. It is an acceptance that we are incorporeal Spirit, and we get still because we are acknowledging our conscious oneness with God.

That awareness that is noticing what the mind is saying, is You. The one who wants to scream and beat his head looking for that realization of the Presence, is a false human identity that doesn’t really exist and can and will never realize the Presence – because it’s not real, and it’s not You. A mortal sense of being can never become Immortal Being.

You are that Presence you are trying to realize. 

You are the Light that is seemingly shrouded by a cloak of mortality. The Light comes into our experience to the degree that we refuse to accept an identity other than our Perfect, Infinite Self.  

There is nothing to do, but Be still and Know. 

Silence is the most powerful healer (revealer of Truth) there is.

In Oneness,



The Revelation:

Thanks for aiming me in the right direction again. It is easy to get side tracked when the mind is in charge. I guess the most important thing to understand at a deep level and meditate upon is, Be Still and Know That I Am God. Every other statement of Truth comes from that. I find the short 5 minute audio called Be Still and Know that Cindy sent me from Lillian’s website, not Lillian’s voice, is all I ever need to listen to when I get off track. All the wisdom is contained in that short reading.

I also see the best way to practice detaching my mind is to not try to heal my body. All my life I have been fixing my body. Every ailment, every pain I do something about. It has been yoga, qigong, acupuncture, medical practitioners, food diets and my friends. I use all kinds of mental techniques. In fact, I spend most of my life doing this. So this will be quite a practice. Then I need to practice the qigong and only do it because I like it and it is good to exercise the body. After all, the body is a temple for the soul, even though its the spiritual body that is the temple. I will continue my acupuncture not because it will heal me, but because I made a commitment to the person who has helped me the most and my family. That way they will not bug me to do something about my health as I silently do my meditation.

Have a nice day, (one day I will figure out a more appropriate closing!)

Q&A – Blinded by “this world”

The Question:

Octavia I have been temporarily blinded by all that is going on in the world  I have neglected the interior life and as a result have wallowed in this world of misery just as you say. 

(Editor’s note: referring to a past Morning Muse that said,

All the world wants to wallow in its misery, and want us to wallow with it. 

Once we awaken to Truth, we are a wayshower who then has the ability and the responsibility, to lead those who think they have been blinded, to the Light)

Today, this moment, I chose to remember my true identity. To remember that only God is, therefore I AM. I share this with you that you might share this with me  as I know YOU are here too.

Sometimes I feel so alone and wonder where is the realization that goes beyond words and thoughts. I want to KNOW what I know. I know truth or rather the facts but somehow cannot seem to get free from the illusion of the world and this false identity. I long to surrender and have repeatedly but cannot seem to break free. This searching, knocking, asking, letting, receiving etc has been going on now for over 15 years and today it seems like I have made no progress and yet I know there is no where to progress too. So confusing. I feel as low as I ever have and don’t know what to do. I guess once again I just surrender…

Thanks for reading and caring 



The Answer:

There is nothing to break free from – continued trying to get free from nothing, only makes that “nothing” seem more and more like something.

Let’s ask this question: If God is All, then who is it that thinks it needs to know, that needs to have a realization, that needs to get free from the illusion?

If You are the pure, pristine, infinite awareness in which everything lives and moves – beyond time and beyond space, this other “you” cannot really exist then, can it? It is therefore, simply a false self, born of repeated conditioning that has been accepted, and then believed to be real.

“Fifteen years” is not a long time by the way, but regardless, divine order is always functioning perfectly. Things are the way they need to be, otherwise, they would be some other way.

“God’s grace is my sufficiency” becomes a very important truth at times like this. We must LET the purification process proceed as it is, and not struggle against it – that only brings about more suffering. But again, who is there here to suffer? No one really.

When we stop and be still, then listen and soften and allow, that is when trust and acceptance, love and surrender will begin to emerge…

We must be able to look at whatever is going on in our experience, and say “Yes, I can keep my Heart open to this.” We don’t want to resist what’s happening or grasp onto anything either – just be that impartial, impersonal Observer.

Having said the above, we do need to be vigilant with our practice, and pay attention to what we are believing at any given moment. We need to be conscious of what our attention is on, continuously.

If we neglect knowing the Truth consciously, every day, every hour, we do so at our own risk. Every layer of the onion skin must be peeled away, in practice, until there’s nothing left but the pure, pristine infinite awareness that we are. If we are really dedicated to this, eventually, the breakthrough comes, or one day we realize that the Truth has established Itself as part of our Consciousness, and we no longer need to involve the mind as much as we used to.      

Let me know if this helps, or if you have more specific questions. 

We are “merely” being cleansed and purified and prepared for holy transition.

Fear not – it is always I! 


In Oneness, 


Q&A – Abiding Without a “me”

The Question:

I was wondering if you might have some advice regarding abiding in and as Truth? I try to remain focused on Spirit as I go about my day-to-day activities: recognizing God as All, meditating for periods each day. But that is the seeming problem — a “me” turns up, who is working hard trying to abide Spiritually, trying to get somewhere! And this can lead to feelings of frustration and constriction. It seems to be missing the Kingdom. So I guess I am wondering: how does one bypass the mind-made “I have to do this right” — and yet remain centered?

Thank you so much, as ever!


The Answer:

Dear C,

In answer to your question, by constantly recognizing that what it is that is “trying”, is the false “i”, arising in the field of Pure Awareness that is the real You. You are always centered because You Are the Center of your Universe, and It is everywhere! How can we be outside, slip out of, go away from, Everywhere?

We must be indifferent to anything that is not of God. 

Reacting in any way to the fictitious “me” just gives it more seeming validity. The most important word here becomes Acceptance. Continual acceptance of your I AM identity is the key.  

What is also important is relaxing in the knowing that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be (otherwise it wouldn’t be the way it is).  By allowing whatever is, to be what it is, we LET Spirit do what needs to be done as our consciousness unfolds by Grace. 

God, through the Light of Grace, is the only power, and this Light is the only thing that can dissolve the darkness of the illusory me. We can’t get rid of the shadow – we must cease being the identity that is casting it. By our diligent practice and perseverance in the acceptance of the Truth, without effort, we let, by creating the peace and emptiness for the Christ to work through us. This is very important; we are this very Source of Being, and it is all that exists. Therefore, if we are entertaining, reacting to, thoughts of humanness, the Allness of God can’t come forth into our expression – the two simply cannot co-exist.    

Spirit can’t do its work through and as us, if our consciousness is agitated. The thing to do is to stop and be still, then listen and soften and allow. Then and only then, can the trust and acceptance, love and surrender begin to emerge – and it will! 

Have patience, and remember, this “process” of transformation, of undoing, unlearning, unknowing, is the hardest thing we will ever do. Be kind and gentle with yourself, and feel the gratitude that is always there for This that You Are.

I am here any time you have more questions or just want to share…

All Love,



The Revelation:

Dear Octavia,

Thank you so very much for your beautiful and illuminating reply — which arrived just at the right moment! 

What you say is so important: that struggle, mental churning, thoughts of “I won’t get it in this lifetime…” and so on … all are the very stuff (if it had any) of the false “i”, seemingly perpetuated over time. It *is* the very struggling it appears to be struggling against! I remember Blake’s phrase: “Mind-forg’d manacles.”

One big difference of emphasis, I have found, between Advaita (which I explored for quite a few years) and Infinite Way/ Absolute teachings — is the nature of what Spirit sees. I have noticed that both Herb and Alfred stress that the apparent five-sense world is not what God perceives: that what Is, is the Invisible Reality (and not ‘world mind’ or ‘carnal ‘mind’ projected as and by the senses). I think Herb says somewhere: “What is not God, is not”. Such a statement wouldn’t be found in Advaitin teachings. Initially, false “i” struggled with this: but the more I notice — as you so beautifully say — that Spirit is effortless and omnipresent, the more this becomes clear. Invisible, ever-present Love is the stuff of all — even when appearances contest otherwise. 

So thank you so much again! 

With much love and gratitude


Q&A – In the Washing Machine

The Question:

Good Morning Octavia,

I seem to be going through a washing machine cycle, wash, spin, wash, spin, meaning, I have days of utter lostness, no desires, no motivations, no well, just blankness, no joy, etc.  then a couple days ago, most of the day was a blissful contented peace and love, all is right with the world.   I experience deep fear and anxiety on occasion around money as looking for work and it is like I am invisible, was selling reclaimed hardwoods and one by one each job fell through.  (story I know)   

Also, tried selling my art everyone says how beautiful and no sales, no money coming in, may get a job at a retail place but may have to get a 2nd job to make enough money.   Obviously I have a block around money (the conditioned one does)   I just feel no desire toward anything.   The energy runs pretty strong constantly 24/7.    When the fear takes place I still myself and feel it but don’t name it  or try to cling to it and let it pass through it was after that that the peace and joy happened a few hours later.   

Mornings are very difficult as the energy is so strong in my head, it is hard to concentrate.   

I know that you will have poignant and truthful words for me as I keep the prior email messages you send out.   

Heartful thanks,


The Answer:

Dearest D,

Contrary to what it may seem – all this that is happening is a very good sign! It seems you are experiencing the next phase of being brought Home.

Having no desires and blankness is perfectly normal at certain points in our unfoldment. It is Life’s way of showing us the instability and impermanence of relying on “human” channels, in the known of the visible, material world, instead of in the unknown Infinite Invisible. 

This is a very necessary purification process of the Soul, that is asking us, who do we believe we are? Are we a separate self who thinks it is dependent on the ways and laws of an illusory world, or are we Pure Awareness, Mighty Being itself, in which all of these stories play out in? As we know, All appearances of lack or limitation are merely false beliefs superimposed on the brain from the images the senses are collecting when we are choosing to identify as this “separated self”.   

Your faith and trust in the Allness and Perfection of God as your True Identity, is being tested. When our joy and feeling of oneness is seemingly taken from us, it is helpful to realize that it is Spirit showing us that we must become empty, totally empty of our sensations of God and our concepts of God. Because, the Truth of Being is completely void of finite thought and idea.

The thing to do is to stop and be still, then listen and soften and allow. Then and only then, can the trust and acceptance, love and surrender begin to emerge.

Spend as much time in Silence as you can, because listening becomes a very important activity at this time – listening for what Love is saying, in that still small voice. We know what the voice of fear sounds like, and we know how it feels in our body – tightness, heat, etc. So in really paying attention to how we feel, we can start to get a sense of where we are acting from, and therefore whether to take steps, or whether to just allow – to LET whatever needs to happen, happen. Actually, when we are consciously living in Truth, we are always letting, even when we appear outwardly to be taking steps.

Life may be moving you into something totally new, or it may be strengthening your abiding in the Truth of your current situation. I will say that as our vibration rises, some of the old ways aren’t a match any more, and so it is inevitable that “changes” of one kind or another must occur.

I can’t stress the importance enough, of staying as calm and relaxed as possible through these times, especially when the energy gets strong, like you were saying. Don’t try to force concentration – again, just LET. Spirit can’t do its work through us if our consciousness is agitated. And as you know, resistance just makes the discord seem more real.

It is all Good and it is exactly the way it is supposed to be…but be alert to how the mind might try to distract you with its interpretation or explanation – only the Heart Knows!

Blessings and Much Love, 


The Revelation:

Good Morning,

I have noticed how much more sensitive I have become although I was sensitive before, now seeing stories on FB and even when interacting with people, how much I want to give service to them,  how simple commercials, happy or sad can bring tears to my eyes or make me a blubbering mess.   There is this deep feeling, expression or hard to define it, that just wants to smother everything and everyone in this Love, this perfect peace, perfect stillness. 

In this awareness, I watch the ego conditioned mind harping on me like a scolding mother, income, income, job, job, move, move, etc. etc, which creates a felt contraction in the solar plexus, the signaling alarm that shows I have started to identify with a false story/ego.  The spaciousness holds it in awareness, gently watching tenderly as it dissipates.   

My spine, heart and back are especially being treated to a beautiful bliss bath, estatically so.

Such Gratitude,


Q&A – Individuality within Oneness

The Question:

I just came upon words of Herb that said we are One in Christ but we are also individuals with our own assignments and making harmony. This made my heart sing but I know I am at the table with my human filter. Do you have anything that would shed light on these ideas?

The Answer:  

There is only One Spiritual Substance that the appearance of “us” are facets of, like a diamond or a prism. But we are not part of Substance, we are the whole of It.

The human filter only exists in our belief that it is there. To the degree that we replace that belief with the Truth, is the degree in which that filter falls away.

Practicing the Presence of our Christ Self continually is the key, for we will never have the true understanding without the Experience of God. These principles that we study, must be contemplated and then allowed to take root in our Consciousness through Silence, and then practiced/lived as we go about our day. 

“Acknowledge Him in all thy ways”, becomes an important doing. When something appears as a seeming problem, or something wrong, we immediately know the Truth about that appearance, right then and there. The more that is done, the more automatic it will become, and the more the Infinite will respond to us with the manifestation of Harmony.  

But we can’t see through the illusion as a false “human” identity. We must BE the Christ in order to SEE the Christ.

All that is ever here, is Love’s Perfection.

Let me know if that clarifies, or if you want to discuss it further.



Some Walter Lanyon…

You are the Son of the Living God. Do you hear? I said Living God, not a God who has to be made alive by your thinking process, or because you affirm that it is so. You are the Son - the point of manifestation where the God Power pours out into expression, in a constant and endless stream of power, health, substance and holiness. As you contemplate this glorious revelation, you will understand some of the wonderful possibilities that lie just ahead of your John Smith, through the door of the I AM consciousness, which is not created or made to appear by thought, but which is recognized as the pure creation of God.

A serenity comes to you — a peace that passes all— a glory of rest which belongs to the Sons of God— not inactivity, but a joyous rest from all the struggle and strife to please a tyrant, a god of likes and dislikes … You will see that all this straining to do the works of God has passed away into the place of actually expressing the power without effort. Effortlessly, it comes into expression – at that point to decree a thing is to see it into manifestation.

Ah, but when he takes his attention away from appearances, and can answer himself, “You are the Son of the Living God,” the whole fabric of hell breaks through and the heavenly light of self-revelation shines out here and now into expression. Man finds himself clear-seeing, clear-hearing, clear-speaking, revealing the Kingdom of Heaven here and now, appropriating the good and passing it on to the universe. He finds new and lovelier capacities. He perceives himself to be the Son of the Most High, with dominion and authority. He finds himself in affluence. He finds the glory of self-expression here and now. A thousand avenues open before him. He finds it wonderful. The consciousness is deepened and made more receptive — made ready for the things I could not tell you back in Jerusalem because you could not have borne the glory of it all. The eyes are aware of a new and lovely universe here and now, peopled with angelic beings instead of fiends incarnate.

You are the Christ of God too — just as Jesus was — and this without taking one bit of power or reverence away from our Beloved One. You are the Jesus or John Smith until you do as He did and discover your true identity. And then you become the manifest Christ, and you begin to bring forth into manifestation all the things the unmanifest Christ knew and experienced … You are the manifest Christ of God and it is your business to be about “your Father’s business.” 

As the wave is one with the ocean — never for one instant separated — and rises and loses itself in the ocean, so man finds that by losing his life he finds it, and by saving his life he loses it. When you lose your little personal sense of life, you will find the One Life — that which is Wonderful — the life that is Won Now — the heaven, here and now.

When you become one with anything, you become that thing, so to speak; so to become one with law is to actually become the law in action. A drop of water is one with the ocean and a sunbeam one with the sun, not separate, and yet individual in expression. So man is one with God, and as soon as he comes to recognize this he thrills with a joy that almost bursts his capacity to receive it, from the sheer bliss of freedom and expression.

The how, why, when, and where is in the NOW, and is done at the instant the recognition is made. There is no concern about the outcome; it is sure and certain, and has not one chance of not appearing, for in reality it is already there, invisible to the double eye, but plainly visible to the single eye of the I AM.

To judge not from the appearance is to cease the argument, wonder and guessing as to how, why, when, and where the power can or will manifest in your life. When the heaven of which Jesus so often spoke is discovered to be within your consciousness — no matter what kind of hell your body has experienced nor what scars or burns are there — the inspiration will move into manifestation and fulfill itself by the way of God, not by the way of man.

Within this Christ revelation lies all things. The conscious thinking mind has not been able to conceive of life without problems, because on that plane it is not possible to live without good and evil. Overcoming, man has been taught, strengthens him and makes him more spiritual. Once, however, he glimpses the fact that the Christ consciousness is not for the purpose of “working out problems” but for the revelation of the new Mansion, he sees that it is possible to go from “glory to glory.”

Thou art the Bright Messenger — the being of light. In the touch of thy hand is light. As the warmth of spring touches the frozen earth, so thy touch of light causes the seed to swell and burst and the flower to leap from her chalice. Thy touch of light is like the soft rain on the parched desert, which causes it to blossom as a rose. Whomsoever thou touchest — in the true sense of the word — thou transformest, instantly, gloriously, freely, joyously. And men shall call it health, but thou shalt call it revelation.

What matter what a thousand books say? What matter what a thousand sermons preach? You have entered into a reality where, having eyes, ye see, and ears, ye hear, that which the limited human sight and hearing is incapable of experiencing. You will flee then from the man whose breath is in his nostrils, who is still trying to sell you his John Smith brand of truth — who is forever talking about the healings he has made or experienced; for you will be in a place where there is nothing to heal; there is only revelation to be brought out. You shall be silent and serene and joyous; a song will be singing deep in your heart that the world cannot help but see.

Gradually confidence is established in the God power which is constantly revealing itself to the one who is ready to lay aside the human accoutrements and accept the glorious Power of the Sons of God. Confidence to stand, having done all — having recognized the eternal rightness of the God universe — he is unafraid to rest. He pushes the borders of his tent farther out into glorious new fields of untried expression, and finds to his joyous surprise that new avenues are opening up to him. Undreamed-of possibilities lie before him — for at last he has come to a place where he believes in the reality of the Kingdom as here and now, and himself as revelator.

The gist of the book is to establish Self reliance; to bring to the attention of man the nature of his True Self which has been called the I Am or Christ Consciousness; and to cause him to see that by becoming one with this Power he is the power in action. No more will he attempt to use this Power, once he understands that he is the Power. (from Introduction, “London Notes and Lectures”)

I AM here, there, and everywhere. I AM within all, within every fiber, nerve, and cell of your being. I AM in the inanimate as well as the animate — I AM everywhere; call upon ME and see if I will not open the windows of Divine Substance. I AM that I AM — that particular I AM Consciousness which will come to this condition or situation and make its nothingness appear. I will release the power that lies hidden there. I AM ALL in ALL — I AM everywhere. No matter wither you go, into what locality, I AM there — I have gone before you, because I AM there already and always have been. I have already caused Myself to be so impressed upon you that you find everything prepared before you arrive. You find everything answered before you ask. You find everything supplied before the need arises. It is well with you — do you hear? — irrespective of person, place, or thing. It is well with you, irrespective of teachings of any nature whatsoever. I AM — I AM — I AM.

This is the order of the human education — that a man must study years and years to be able to lecture and teach; yet we find the man Jesus, through his understanding of the Christ, lecturing in the temple before the wise and learned. How could this possibly be? He had no training. You belong to either one or the other of two classes — “You say it is four months” — “I say look again.” A chorus of voices protest with the usual, “Yes, but _____” — and they must wait for the four months; but the other one will thrust in the sickle, for the word is, “The fields are white” — now; not at some other time.

Dominion is yours through the recognition of the Christ within — dominion to do and to be. The Christ asks no favors to perform. He does not need the recommendation or veto of anyone. He is independent of such three-dimensional rubbish. The dawn asks no permission to dispel the night; it may not be in accord with many people’s desires to have it come when it does, but it is above requesting the favor to express. So you will likewise ask no privilege to speak the freeing word of truth — nor to perform the works after the manner of Jesus.

O beloved, presently you shall be lost in the immensity of this glorious power, and the trifling events of the human personality will be so much thistledown before the hurricane. To your opened eyes you will see that such wondrous fields of attainment lie ahead that the village you are leaving must be wiped out of memory. Be still. Let me reveal myself. Let Me tell you something. Let Me fill you with the Spirit of Fire and Water, and let Me send you forth into expression, a burning flame of revelation and a thirst-quenching fountain of life … You, you who read — throw off the mantle of this human self and lose yourself in Me; then you will know of the limitless blessings and freedom of the Son of the Living God.

I speak to you — the new order of things is at hand and it is the time of its appearance … Newer and fresher capacities shall be yours; you will find yourself in possession of wisdom necessary to perform that which you formerly thought impossible of attainment, and, strange as it may seem for the moment, you shall presently find that it is quite natural. The moment you overtake a truth or become conscious of it, at that instant you also realize that you have always known that truth, and that there has never been a time in your life when you did not have it actively in expression.

It is wonderful — wonderful — wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of thee — of thee, of thee — the all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of it is left. No number of hearers can ever exhaust music. Because a person listens to music he does not destroy anything of its volume — and yet he has it all. So will it be with you.

Passing a light through a prism causes it to become manifest in many colors, which in turn break up into hundreds of shades and nuances. The same thing is true when the LIGHT of Spirit, which is invisible to the naked eye, is passed through the Temple of your body. It breaks up into all sorts of manifestations and is slowed down to a point of visibility in the thing named “matter” by man. Your body has no more intelligence than your refrigerator. When the electric current is passed through it, it produces ice cubes.

When you have the consciousness of a given thing, the manifestation will take place endlessly; — no matter how often it is wiped out — the consciousness will replace it with the ease that you “replace” the reflection in a mirror. You can break a mirror, but that does not destroy anything but the reflection, and never that which causes the reflection; likewise it is with consciousness — the moment you discover this, the manifestation will FOLLOW.

Entering into this Fatherhood degree — (the Father within) and actually living in the Temple-body of God, you begin to understand how the so-called miraculous things which happened to Jesus can and must happen to you. It becomes natural and not a miracle — it is your Nature that does the work and not just the name of a man back in history — you are conscious of the Presence in such a degree that the sick are instantly healed by the shedding of the Light from within you.

What I want to say to you is that WE are the Speakers of the WORD–we represent no organization or person or book–we do not need to be known. We are the Temple of the living God–and until you become this Legitimate Temple of the Living God you will be the illegitimate product of Adam. As you come into union with your divinity you experience the change in body and affairs in an almost startling fashion.

You become a new creature of the Christ Jesus. Do you understand what a new creature means? It is not the block of ice chiseled into a new shape, the old body patched up, the new wine in old bottles. It is a complete disintegration of the hard, fast thought-picture manifestations which you have had, and the integration into the new idea — “The picture shown to you on the Mount.”

And when you understand even in a degree that your body — yes, this very funny, old body, aged, diseased, filled with heavy scars of battle — filled with fears and limitations — is the actual, literal Temple of the Living God — and is to be used for the purpose of showing forth the Light of God, there is some reason for your existence.

It is wonderful in the new dawning Light to find that you are through with creating things or trying to help God. It is wonderful because then you find out what is the Father’s business, which you are supposed to do. Beloved, it is so filled with the joy of expression that nothing which has gone before is worth a moment’s consideration. Every man who hears My voice begins to live in a new Fashion. It makes no difference where he is standing in the scale of things — he may be on the top of the stack — he may be on the bottom — he may be sitting in the pigsty — it is all the same. The moment he “hears My Voice” he will automatically arise from poverty, filth, disease, chronic or acute beliefs in evil — and walk right down the Highway of Life into the Father’s house — (consciousness) and hear the rejoicing and see the banquet table and feel the soft folds of the cloak.

Coming across the country once, a young boy asked for a ride. The conversation drifted to home and parents. He suddenly turned sour and vindictive on the subject, and finally in a burst of emotion said he was one of “those” creatures without legitimacy. I was as thrilled completely, for suddenly through me I heard the Voice speaking the whole truth to this Son of God. It thrilled me as much as it did him — we rode on and miles of country passed by unnoticed as he stepped right up into his place, freed from the whole belief. So many things were said to that one which cannot be put on paper — but the Voice will speak through you and give you such lovely illustrations and ideas, and the “Glory of the Lord” will fill your whole house. Presently we came to the place of parting, and when he left he held out his hand and said, “I’ll never say that again, and I’ll never feel that again” — and was gone. What I want to say to you is that WE are the Speakers of the WORD — we represent no organization or person or book — we do not need to be known. We are the Temples of the living God — and until you become this Legitimate Temple of The Living God you will be the illegitimate product of Adam.

Singing in the heart of you is this glorious Truth — “No man hath revealed this unto thee” — no man could. Your recognized Christ hath revealed it to you — and as you press farther into this Light you will begin to SEE and to KNOW something of the Height and Depth and Majesty of the Lord, in which you live, move, breathe and have your being. You have your BEING or actual existence in this God, and so the moment you enter into this Presence consciously you begin to LIVE — to experience LIFE.

The temple “embodiment” known as man, is here for the purpose of God making Himself manifest … Though man has sensed this, he has mistakenly thought to work independently of this Power. When he becomes conscious that it is the NATURE of the temple “embodiment” to express God, and that is its only reason for being, the dis-ease, struggle, anxiety, fear and questioning will cease. He will be no more surprised that the works of God are being done through him than he would be to find water turning to ice in zero weather.

You bring with you from your Divine Destiny a capacity which is so definitely original, so different, so unique, that you have no competition. You are a success because you cannot help it. You are a creature of Light in the Universe of Life, and suddenly all the shadows of Human Fate disappear. You are Freeborn — the old patterns are broken.

Confidence to stand, having done all — having recognized the eternal rightness of the God universe — he is unafraid to rest. He pushes the borders of his tent farther out into glorious new fields of untried expression, and finds to his joyous surprise that new avenues are opening up to him. Undreamed-of possibilities lie before him — for at last he has come to a place where he believes in the reality of the Kingdom as here and now, and himself a revelator.

He then stops the silly attempting to set things right in a universe that is run by law and order, and enters in upon the process of revelation. He reveals the inner things, the secret things that have been so from the beginning of the universe. He reveals, shows forth, that which is true and perfect. He is no more concerned about the letter, knowing that when the revelation is once recognized the letter will take care of itself. He is not concerned about the outcome, knowing that a rubber ball thrown against a stone wall will return without any effort on his part.

Going All The Way

Revelation is becoming as common and practical as it has been rare and mysterious. It is, after all, our natural state and activity of Awareness.

If we want to live in Reality and express Truth, we must live by the Word within constantly and continuously. It is what sustains us, and what brings into view, the Peace and Harmony that is always Here.

If we want to see the Light, we must Be the Light. What is the Light? It is impossible of course to really describe in words, but infinite and eternal Harmony, Wholeness and Perfection come close. By claiming It emphatically, persistently, as Who – We – Are, and not letting any appearance of discord rob us of its already established Is-ness, we honor the commandment of loving God supremely.

The Light is intensifying and we are being asked to choose. Accept It, and we will experience Glory. Reject It or ignore It, and the pain will remain, the troubles will persist, and we will continue falling into the abyss of perpetual search.

So how do we accept the Light? By establishing ourselves unshakeably in True Identity, by going all the way with Truth, which means going all the way with the acceptance of that Identity. It is only through God’s eyes that we are able to see through the visible appearance to what’s really there – the invisible Light of Christ. And unless we do, with the knowledge that we are doing only for, to and with ourSelf, we will be misguided into chance – always looking for signs of confirmation that Truth is true, that God really is Here. That’s like swimming in the ocean and wondering where all the water is!

A new “Age” is upon us, and a new millennium. The secrets from the ancient mystery schools that once needed to be sheltered, will no longer be hidden. Consciousness has shifted with many, many more souls awakening and doing the Work.

If not us, who? If not now, when? We have a great responsibility, not to our fellow man, but to the pure and perfect One Self – the Essence of each and all. Something is happening. A new species is evolving on a New Earth and it comes into Being only through our Consciousness – that is why we are here. Heaven is no longer a faraway place at a later time – It is the new name of the New Earth.

Those awakening every day, in the Eternal Day, are the manifestation of the Infinite awakening to behold more of Itself. Increasingly, the mystical is becoming the practical – the esoteric the everyday, as old beliefs, old patterns and ways of solving problems are no longer relied on.  

It is only as we stand firmly in the Light of Living Truth that is only Here and only Now, that we discover our Radiance and are therefore able to illuminate the way for “others” seeking the Light. Don’t hold to concepts of what that looks like – it’s never what you imagine it to be, because it’s never known until You Know It.