The Risen Consciousness

One of my favorite places in Charlottesville, VA is Ash Lawn-Highland – the mountaintop home of James Monroe, our third president. One afternoon in April, I was drawn to go up there. It was a beautiful day, but just as I arrived, a storm began to pass through. I was moved to start taking pictures. It wasn’t until I returned home, that I noticed the gift I had been given – this image of an arrow in the sky. After the astonishment wore off, I realized the blessing and the message. It says it all…

Look up, and away from this world of appearances…

To rise up out of the material consciousness of duality into the consciousness of Oneness is to see the nothingness of disharmony and discord.

When we focus our attention on the opposites of this world, we will always experience duality – sickness and health, wealth and poverty, war and peace. This is why we must lift our attention, our awareness, in order to see harmony, abundance, fulfillment and peace. If we really contemplate this, we will see that there is absolutely no other way.


Don’t look so closely at the details that you find the devil* there!

To see with the single eye of Soul vision is to have the 30,000 foot view – to know that in Reality, there are no problems that need solutions and there are no questions that require answers, only the consciousness that contains them.  

The rising is done by and through the acceptance of Self – our unbound, un-dimensional infinite Spirit that exists only outside of time. It is impossible to open ourselves to higher realms, higher levels of awareness, unless we are living in this True Self.

It takes stillness, born of longing, to know who we are, and to stay risen above the chaos and clutter of an imperfect lie. The act of rising in Consciousness is simultaneously an act of surrender. A surrender to Perfection where the Truth of our Being already is, immortal, infinite, everywhere-present, all-knowing, and power-full.


*(devil meaning duality, or the dualistic nature of material consciousness.)