The Power of Yes

Inwardly saying Yes to all situations and circumstances that present themselves to our awareness can be a very powerful activity.

We exist within the living rhythm of the Infinite, within the Lifestream that flows gracefully and effortlessly. Beliefs in any aspect, subtle or obvious, of a finite, mortal human existence, are like boulders diminishing the full potential of force. They cause us to react – and we find ourselves trying to make a bad appearance better or trying to cling to a good one. Reacting to an appearance, in any way, interrupts that rhythm.

We are told, not to resist evil. Agree with thine adversary, it is said, for it is only world mind tempting us to believe the illusion is real, and we are not perfect, infinite Being.

Agreeing with and saying Yes to the Truth, removes the dam to reveal the power and fullness of unlimited Love and Light in action. And when we are with another who is also saying Yes, the cumulative experience can be an awe-inspiring, beautiful thing to behold.

Saying Yes, opens out the way for the imprisoned splendor to escape, and if one or more are there in agreement, the effect can be an explosion of Light, an almost overwhelming, infinite hug. A spaciousness so deep and so full, that everything known is swallowed up and lost.

Love what is before you, love every appearance for what it really is, everyone for what they really are. Acknowledge that what is here, is the Source that sustains you. YES, I hear you, YES, I see you. Navigate with a loving heart through all of it…wherever Love leads. For what is more wise and powerful than Love?