The Morning Muse

As a sharing of Revelation and a gift of Love, each muse is a statement of Truth that has come through in meditation, and then emailed in the morning. They are best taken as they resonate into contemplation, whenever you are led, to spark the Light of your own Revelation. These statements do not belong to an individual, but come from and go back to, the One Consciousness.

These statements come as Revelation, and while they can certainly be understood intellectually, their main purpose is to be “mused over”, dwelt with in contemplation until they spark that Light, which is the Voice of Revelation within. It is then that we have the Knowing of Truth in our Consciousness. We can’t know what the words are saying specifically to us, until we hear them within our own Heart. Each one must find Truth for themselves, through direct experience.

While sometimes, there is instant recognition of the revelation within the muse upon reading it, more often than not, the statement of Truth needs time to be assimilated. We must take that time to be with it, sit with it, and let it become part of our Consciousness – it does no good just floating on the surface of the intellect.

We need to slow down and take our time with Truth, and realize if we’re feeling some sort of urgency, that it’s the mind that wants the quick fix, the instant remedy. Truth is too precious not to be treated with the utmost sanctity and reverence!

Taken into contemplation whenever one is led, each muse will act as a clear reflection of what is going on within, and if allowed, will then reveal itself at deeper levels, bringing about an expansion of Consciousness and a release of false concepts.

These are not new statements of Truth to any of us, but part of the Omniscience that We Are – reminders of Reality that have been obscured by those veils of concepts that seem to form the illusion of a separate self, where in Reality, we are One Perfect, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Self.

May these sharings continue to help us live in and as the Light that we are, and empower us to live from Presence instead of “person”.

With All Love,

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