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Here you will find mp3 recordings and audio books of western mystical authors of The Absolute, or Infinite Reality understanding of Truth.

It is always recommended that as you listen, you pause the talk or cease the activity altogether if something said (or not said) causes a stirring within. Truth is arresting. When the flow of thoughts seems to stop, it might be an indication that you are meant to ponder awhile, contemplate or just allow the space for realization to sink deeper into Consciousness. Truth is not meant to stay on the surface of the intellect – it is here to be assimilated and confirmed from within. Then it is a living experience that happens as an inner assurance of our Self and a Knowing of Light.


Simply click on the author’s name below, and you will have access to sample talks where available, and their catalogue.


Herb Fitch

Lillian DeWaters

Alfred Aiken

Walter Lanyon

Marie Watts

William Samuel