Alfred Aiken

Alfred Aiken was an American writer and lecturer on Absolute Truth in the 1950’s and 1960’s. From a very early age, he knew that there must be something else besides “this” – there was always a conviction that God is All. He didn’t know why, it was just there. Throughout his life, he constantly asked questions about the nature of reality.

In his young adulthood he became a very successful Christian Science practitioner, albeit unorthodox. During his study and practice of the principles, he began to find inconsistencies in Mary Baker Eddy’s message. He would ask, if God is All, then where does belief come from, and where does that leave good and evil?

Some time after leaving Christian Science, he was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident. While laying underneath a car, unconscious and with a severely broken leg, he had a life-altering near death experience, When he came to,  he not only walked away from the accident, but ran, and completely healed within a few weeks. From that point on, the question was all consuming – he had to find out,  if God is All, then what am I?

He went through a period of desperation and frustration, and after both of his sisters to whom he was very close, died, (he thought unnecessarily), he demanded to know, what is going on here? The answer finally came; You’ve been trying to account for yourself as a body. There is a consciousness here, but the body is just a body, it’s not a Self or Identity – there just appears to be a body.

From then on, Truth flooded out of him in the form of books and seminars, forums and lectures that he gave until 1968.


Here is an excerpt of one of Alfred Aiken's lectures,

MP3 Alfred Aiken – Why Wait and for What? – 1968



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