Walter Lanyon

“Little is known about Walter Clemow Lanyon, except that he was an Englishman born in the USA on Oct 27, 1887.  He was educated in the USA, France and England, and served-as interpreter and foreign correspondent. He spent more than half of his life traveling all over the world, investigating and studying the various presentations of mystical truth.

He was the author of over forty books on Truth which have had a wide and continued circulation. Though most of his books are now out of print, there remains a constant demand for them. He traveled and lectured all over the world, basing his lectures, as he said, ” solely on the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Through the years of proving the Word of God, he refined his presentations of it, eliminating the personal almost completely and leaving the pure revelation as simple and natural as possible.  Thousands will testify to the tremendous Spiritual light gotten through the mere reading of his work.

The simple manner in which Mr. Lanyon states the Truth enables the reader to grasp the Spiritual principles for themselves and put them into practice in their daily lives. Although he wrote from a Christian perspective, his books appeal to all seeking Spiritual Truth. He felt that the very simplicity of the Word was the point that baffled most Truth students.

His writings are an excellent example of New Thought Christianity at its best. The aim of many of his teachings is to establish self-reliance; to bring to the attention of man the nature of his True Self which has been called the ‘Christ consciousness’; and to cause him to see that by becoming one with this Power he is the Power in action. No more will he attempt to use this Power, once he understands that he is the Power.”

In addition to his books, apparently Walter Lanyon wrote two light operas, many secular stories, plays and articles, all of which are now lost. This is also true of paintings he is said to have exhibited in Europe and the USA“.


Here is a sample talk by Walter Lanyon – He Went to the Father


Walter Lanyon Catalogue

RECORDINGS OF WALTER LANYON – This is a list of some of his tape recorded talks in mp3 format. They were given between 1958 -1960, and are the only clearly audible ones available to this date.

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He Went to the Father

The Woman Opened Her Eyes

You are not Afraid

Christ Speaks


Extra Sensory Perception

Life and Results

Moving with God


The Possible and the Impossible

Simplicity of Truth – Tape 2 Side a

Simplicity of Truth – Tape 2 Side b

AUDIO BOOKS – mp3 versions of 3 of Walter Lanyon’s books.

The Temple not Made with Hands

The Laughter of God

Without the Smell of Fire


The website below offers more information about Walter Lanyon and has books and excerpts of books that can be read online.