Herb Fitch

Herb Fitch was a 20th century mystic. He was a student of Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way, and from 1967 until his transition in 1995, gave classes around the country and made tape recordings from his home in Hawaii. He is considered to be one of the most spiritually illumined teachers of modern times. Listening to his talks with an open consciousness, can be an incredibly transformative experience.

 Here is a sample of one of the talks he gave in San Francisco, CA in 1971.


At the bottom of this page is a link to the full catalogue of his recordings on MP3.


 Herb Fitch’s

Come to the Higher Consciousness

 Come to the Higher Consciousness (before) above mind and wait upon the inner Spirit.

One theme per day for 13 days.

The Truth of these ideas will bring you to the Kingdom of God.

Active Truths to Depend Upon:

  • 1. Only God is here. Know this consciously, it will become a part of
    your consciousness..

  • 2. Only Spirit is here.

  • 3. God (Spirit, Love, Consciousness, is running a perfect universe.
    (Whatever I see is only a concept of world mind. Get out of duality.)

  • 4. Being true to Truth alone, the outer will then turn into the Divine
    Image. I am I, the Son of God. Transcendental Consciousness, God
    expressing. I am the living expression of God.

  • 5. I am not man or woman. I live the day as I, Spirit.

  • 6. I am Life itself, the life of God eternal, I and the Father are One.
    (When you accept this the inner universe opens up.)

  • 7. I rest in God’s Presence, above mind in higher consciousness,
    letting the Soul flow out into this world.

  • 8. Love day. I invite the power of love to express through me.
    I give, I serve, I help, a servant of Divine Love.

  • 9. This world is not my Father’s kingdom. Only the kingdom of God is
    here (made of invisible light.) Everything in this world is a mental
    imitation. See people as they are, invisible bodies of light.

  • 10. Don’t judge human qualities. I am Spirit, so I must refrain from
    human judgment.

  • 11. There is no good or bad. No labels on people in spite of the
    appearances that come to you.

  • 12. Time is not passing. There is no time. When time stops in my mind I
    am in heaven.

  • 13. 2,000 years ago is now. Go to the level of no-thought.
    In that level of no-thought there is only I.

    These truths will be living themselves as you. When you reach 13 days,
    begin again. The 14th day will be a world re-birth. You are walking the
    narrow way that leadeth into Life.