Marie S. Watts

Marie Watts was born in 1896, and passed on in 1983. She had an illumination at the age of seven. As a very little girl, Marie often stood in the yard at night with her hands reaching for the sky. She felt that God was the universe, and if she could only touch a star, she could find God.

She was raised in a Methodist Church, but eventually moved onto Christian Science. Marie studied all the major religions of the world, and especially the many translations of the bible. She also read the writings of Lillian De Waters, and Joel Goldsmith for a while. Believing her thirst for God could be quenched through music, she embarked on a career as a concert pianist and, at one point, decided to teach piano for an extensive period of time.

In 1957, in a small town in Nevada, “Just Be Yourself” and the textbook to this approach, “Your Self Revealed”, were written, and the Ultimate Absolute was born. The name of her teaching is “The Ultimate”, and its major thesis is that God is All. Many writings, tapes and lecture/class tours followed until well into the 1970’s.

Here is a sample talk by Marie Watts,


Marie Watts Catalogue

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1960 Marie Watts Side 1 – Highlights

1960 Marie Watts Side 2 – Highlights

Marie S. Watts Side 1 – The Ultimate Awareness

Marie S. Watts Side 2 – The Ultimate Awareness

1960 Marie S. Watts – 3a

1960 Marie S. Watts – 3b

1960 Marie S. Watts 4a – Highlights of the Class

1960 Marie S. Watts 4b – Highlights of the Class

1961 Marie S. Watts 1a – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 1b – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 2a – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 2b – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 3a – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 3b – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 4a – Seminar

1961 Marie S. Watts 4b – Seminar


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