Giving Up, to Endure

Do we really need to pick up our lost threads of understanding if all has its purpose in Now, and what we need is given us, not through the mind, but through our capacity for Love and Oneness that resides at the Heart of Being?
The Infinite weaves its tapestry of Life invisibly and clothes us in its cloud of unknowing. We must allow ourselves to be constantly relaxed and reinvented, for Life is always new and fresh and free.

The omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of God, of Life, of the Infinite, is synergistic. It all works together for Good and it includes all of Life – the invisible, the visible, the un-manifest and the manifest. It works outside of mind, but mind is used, and is a part of it. Without mind, nothing would come into visibility, but, it all has to happen organically, naturally, in its own time and space (which is actually outside of time and space).
If we latch on to any one aspect of it, and try to manipulate something that is already in the process of being created perfectly, we will limit that creation, and we will stifle that synergy.

Therefore, it is important to know that when we notice a specific area, such as diet, and we find something that works for us, that we accept it as a gift, as a blessing, but that we don’t make it our religion. We don’t even make it our practice. We do it because it is coming from within to do in Now, and we know that we will do it until it doesn’t feel right to do it anymore.

This is living in the Tao - this is giving up continually so that we may endure, dying daily so that we may Live.