Love given, brightens any darkness and gathers up the fragments of a heart that has seemed to be shattered - Love is not just Oneness, It is also Wholeness. We hurt only because we imagine we are broken.

Love erases all sense of time and separation, enabling us to live in compassion and understanding for that which has seemingly wronged us.

It truly forgives, by allowing that there is nothing to forgive. It blesses and redresses, and never sees beyond the Perfection of Now.

It reveals there is nothing ever to heal, and never asks for compensation.

And in loving deeply, we find we can stand firmly on ground that seems to be crumbling beneath our feet, or watch without resistance as the forms we are cherishing seem to be withdrawing from our sight, though we try to hold our grasp.

In a fully complete embrace, in Its allowance of suffering and pain, joy and pleasure, or vanishing images, Love softens the hard edges that would not allow us our vulnerability.

An open Heart cannot be broken.