Standing Still

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Can you step out of your comfort zone by doing something that really frightens you? Not just something like swimming in the deep part of an ocean whose sharks scare you out of your wits, but perhaps something more subtle, like not reacting and holding your tongue when someone judges or criticizes.

Can you trust something that you know absolutely nothing about, having faith that Life will carry on past your self-created description - descriptions gained only from sense perception, knowing the sheer terror the word infinity brings to the false sense of me and going ahead anyway with not inwardly acknowledging that one who is suffering, but relenting to just being that which you are, that which they are, that which Life is - all encompassing Love - which is beyond words, and unfolds as your experience from one simple choice?

Yes, it is a self-imposed and self-enclosed boundary that we can dissolve, the moment we choose love over fear, We don’t need to be certain we are right, we just need to lose interest in our self, and care more about the Truth than our delusion of It.

When we choose to stand still for once, instead of running towards or running away from an imaginary second power, we allow the One Power to bring forth our New Life. 

And that voice that tells you you’re wrong, that tells you to watch out, do you think it bothers to speak when you’re playing it safe, living from those fantasies in the mind, or do you think it creeps up when you’re about to step out of that familiarity and into something untried and unknown?

Listen to it, but don’t follow it.

It’s there to guide you and to challenge you to take the leap of faith that catapults you into an expanded Consciousness. It uses the acceleration of doing something you fear, to jolt you awake and out of your self-imposed slumber (yes, self-imposed and self-maintained). You are the only one who can bring you Home. There is nothing outside of You – that is how big You are. Everything we are shown is a signpost, a beacon of Light, constantly flashing signals.

Look, but don’t follow them, follow what they are shining on. And know that what they are shining on, is a reflection of your Self - is a reflection of what is within you.

All is within - there is no outside.


Hallelujah means, I’m Here, I’m Home – This Is It. Amen means, It is finished, It is done. The world that I thought was a miracle, is folly unto mine own eyes and heart. If I take it to be real, I miss the stubborn fact that nothing is real that has been shown to me – it is all second-hand. Truth is always the original – always the renewing, but never the renewable.

When I cast my fate to the wind, I’m knowing, that like a feather, when I am light, I’m in a continuous updraft, constantly moving but never going anywhere.

Therefore I say Amen, and Hallelujah!