To Trust In Now

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. Now we’re at the place where the rubber hits the road, where we have to make a choice; what will we allow our attention to be on?

We’re so used to listening to and even obeying our thoughts, that to commit to being vigilant and determined to do the opposite, can seem quite daunting, but I’ll tell you this from the outset, I’ll tell you this from the very beginning… it is only daunting to that remnant of false sense of self that we still believe exists. We are never asked for more than what we are capable of at any given time, but we have to want to be real.

The times we live in are not like those when the books we read were written and the talks we listen to were recorded. They just aren’t. Consciousness is infinite, therefore constantly expanding.

The game is on, the Light is Here, the Truth is Here, God is Here, but are we going to take it or are we going to continue in the old ways?

We see our patterns - we see where we fall and we see how we rise. We know about duality and Oneness and temptation and revelation.

It’s time.

What will receive the honor of our acceptance?

What will we embrace and what will we reject?

The choice is ours alone - no one else can clean up our mess. But the revealed Word implores us to trust that God, that perfection and love and harmony is right here available, regardless of whether we’re flying high in revelation or struggling with basic necessities in apparent ignorance. It asks us to See that in Now, there is no mess. 

When we trust in Now, the thoughts of time never touch us. Disease and poverty dis-appear because in the recognition of the fullness of Now, there is only abundance, harmony, wholeness and perfection.

Nothing but Now reveals the Truth of Life – its freshness, its power.

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

Say Yes to what is appearing and allow it to pass

We don’t always realize how we resist, we don’t always realize when we resist, unless we are practicing awareness. It seems funny that we have to practice something we already are, but because we’ve been hypnotized for so long, this is the initial effort that it takes.

Truth does not reveal Itself to those who are desperate to know It. It reveals Itself to those who want to just Be It, who want to simply live It.

Get outside - turn off your computer, your phone, your iPad - get outside. Go for a walk, a bike ride – get on a train!

Sit on a bench and look, just simply look,

Sit in a field and listen, just simply listen,

being willing to hear every sound that you are aware of.

Listen, and you will be amazed at what you eventually Hear.

Look, and you will be amazed at what you See, what is really Here.

Take your attention away from the mind, keeping it only on what you are hearing and seeing…
Without the interference of and identification with thought, the senses can perceive spiritually. Without labeling, we are able to witness what is beyond the blue.

By knowing what you are not, you will discover what you are. You cannot know what you are - you just become aware of it through the presence of Now.