Our Inner Call To Action

We have to live with what we accept. The only channel the Infinite has is our Pure Consciousness,
and it WILL be externalized.

For all our listening, do we actually Hear?

For all our looking, do we actually See?

What good is Perception, if we continue to pretend and see problems instead of Perfection? Reality will not be denied, and the Oneness of Love will be our only experience if we will just




our Identity.

KNOW what is in thy sight, and what is hidden shall be revealed to you. There are no monsters out there creating catastrophe – the monsters are in the mind. The catastrophe seems real because you are not seeing through the angels in disguise.

The more we believe in the possibility that evil can exist, the more chance it has of seeming to be real.

We must be silent to these suggestions of an imaginary mind. Even saying “there is no lack or limitation”, is too much. The truth of Being in its allness and perfection needs nothing more than our intended, silent recognition and acceptance, and our willingness to be obedient to the inner guidance that shows us the way.

It will show us…if we let it.

It will teach us…if we let it.

How and when events will unfold, is revealed as they happen. We are to behold this unfolding, not giving any attention to the persistently inquiring mind, that has to know the details: the who, what, when, where, why and how!

But if we don’t know how ephemeral and powerless the thoughts of fear, doubt, lack or finiteness that are constantly strewn across our Path, are, they will seem to detour us. First they’ll slow us down, then the more we focus in on them, the more solid and real they will seem to be. They will appear to be able to stop us in our tracks, and we will think we have to listen to them, deal with them, argue with them, even figure out how to incorporate them into our journey! But if we can just see that they are only mental thoughts and images with no power at all, we can literally walk right through them. And when they come up again, if we walk through them again and persist with that, they will die of starvation, because the only thing they can exist on, is our attention. 

The time is now, for the Light is bright – we must do what is in our Heart or suffer the consequences of not. We must be extra alert as to how much we are feeding thought, as mind, or being the Watcher, as Awareness.

We need to realize that if we want to truly See, we must stop looking. It is the looking for that is preventing our Seeing what is already perfectly Here. The more we accept that we are eternal Spirit walking in an infinite spiritual Universe, the more we will See it, and the harder it will be to recognize any human identity.

We must wake up, fully, where we can be alert enough to obey our inner Call to Action, whatever that may be.

Every beat of our Heart is pulsing out our Destiny, and every breath contains our complete fulfillment, but will we surrender to that, instead of letting the perversity of thought ru(i)n our Life or tempt us to believe it can ru(i)n our Life?

Every Day is completely New, and whether we are aware of it or not, we are walking a Path of Light – a path so shimmering, golden and pure that when we walk consciously as this Light, we become invisible to the troubles of the world, and the darkness in our life disappears.