Rubin’s Vase – Keep Looking

A recent Morning Muse stated,

The practice is not to ignore this visible world, but to keep looking past it, beyond it, to its invisible Source. If God is All, then It is everywhere and everything – infinitely. If we keep looking, we soon discover the Essence of Life and what our senses perceive, to be One Divine Substance.    

                                         Keep Looking…

The practice that the muse is referring to, is actually a looking inward. It is talking about a deeper understanding of contemplation – a looking that is done within. One can’t really look any other way, if we are to accept God’s Allness, and the realized Truth that there is no objectified world “out there”.

It is about correcting the false assumption, that somehow this manifest world is outside of God, and thus should be ignored as illusory or irrelevant. The Truth is that Heaven is right here, right now, visibly, when we are consciously perceiving It.

The picture here, is of Rubin’s Vase, an optical illusion developed by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin around 1915. When you first look at it, you see a vase, but if you keep looking, all of a sudden you see two profiles of a face! The face was there all along, but you had to keep looking to be able to See it.

The wonderful thing about this, is that there was no effort involved,

just a change in perception.

This is what happens when we are still, long enough, to allow this Seeing of the Truth of any thing or situation. It’s about noticing – what Mind are we seeing this world with? If, when we first look at something we seem to observe an image of lack or limitation, contemplation of Truth if pursued, can reveal a new image of harmony and abundance.

Contemplation of Truth brings the attention back to what Is. And in that Is-ness, we find a relaxed Joy and Serenity of Being that allows Perfection to be seen.

This visible world is only a reflection of our Consciousness. We See what we Be.