There is Nothing Outside of You

On a weekend retreat at a B&B in Cloverdale, CA, my husband and I were meditating when these words came through – “There is nothing outside of You”.

That was in 1988, and it took many years for the depth and profundity of this Truth to be fully realized.

All that you are, and all that you experience visibly and invisibly is within your Consciousness -and It is all Consciousness. You are talking to You, you are walking with You. The only relationship you have is with yourSelf.

As you keep your attention off of the appearances of separation, you start to perceive that you really do live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And what about the duality and disharmony that you are still experiencing?   

Even as we progress spiritually, we can think, if I'm at this stage, I shouldn't be having problems with my body or my spouse or my job or my money. What does that mean?

Every form of discord is only there to point us back to Truth, and to enable (or sometimes, force) us to deepen our abiding.

Again, the tempter is always there to try and take us out of the truth of our Oneness. Our role is to stand fast in that Truth and never waver, knowing that to the degree that we can do this, is the degree that we will experience Oneness and Harmony.

There is nothing outside of your Consciousness, and what arises in, and eventually goes out of, has nothing to do with Reality. Rest in the emptiness – where the words, thoughts and feelings cannot trouble you, for they are like the “endless rain into a paper cup” that falls and disappears. You are not this cycle that you see. Nothing that Is, can be seen and thus measured or made to have an opinion of. That’s the role of the false and finite human mind.

Take “There is nothing outside of Me”  into contemplation and ponder deeply until you feel and are in, the Silence. Then listen for and allow this Truth to sound deep within you.

Acknowledge and accept that there really is nothing outside of You. You are Consciousness and Consciousness is all there is - it is absolutely all that exists.