A Narrow Way

Yes, this is a narrow way “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

The broad ways of religion, and certain teachings that appeal to the masses, can be wonderful entryways into a more spiritually-centered life. They can be stepping stones onto and along the path, but at some point as we’re going along, Spirit leads us to the Ultimate Truth that passes understanding outside of the realm of mind, and outside of time and space. Because to realize the Truth of Being, we must, just, BE.

The narrow way requires an uncompromising fidelity to, reverence for, purity of – this ultimate Truth that there is nothing but God. The narrow way requires discipline, determination, persistence, vigilance, and a deep longing for It. The surrender that is required of us is so great, that it can never be accomplished otherwise.

As a previous Morning Muse stated,

The potent combination of an intense longing to Know our True Nature
and the willingness to open our consciousness to the Infinite, brings about transformation – but nothing will happen, unless nothing else matters.

If this seems unsettling, overwhelming or even frightening, we must realize that it is only that to an ego which knows this means its demise. But the ego is not real, and is not a static thing. It is created every time we put our attention on a false sense of self. It is made real every moment we take thought about it, and if we cease taking thought – it simply is not there. Only True Being is there, universally, omnipresently, omnisciently, and omnipotently.

When we understand what letting go really means, we can be far less resistant. For all it is, is the willingness to see what is really Here by removing the mask, pulling down the veil of delusion and accepting the Truth that all there is, and all we are, is Divine Presence.

And in utter humility…

This is not a way to make a better human being, to have a better human life, or to improve the human condition. It’s about living in and as our True Self – in Oneness. The better visible outpicture is the added things; but seek ye first, the kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you. This way is the way of Ascension, not a horizontal progression along an imaginary timeline.

This way acknowledges the total Truth, and speaks to the Absolute, the Unmanifest, as well as the phenomenal world, and our role, our function, in “the world.”

And what about Purity? Being pure at heart doesn’t mean you’re not still aware of random world mind thoughts that float in, but you are not reacting to and holding on to any of those thoughts, emotions, resentments, grudges, judgments, or criticisms that all belong to an assumed false sense of self. In and out of meditation, you’re constantly surrendering, forgiving, and seeing in Oneness instead of separation.

It can feel like a very lonely life sometimes, but as you come more and more into the awareness of your True Identity as Divine Being, you realize how utterly omnipresent God is, and it gets harder and harder to feel alone.

And if you stay alert, paying close attention, you notice that Angels are all around you, guiding, teaching, blessing. Beautiful people, events, conditions and circumstances come into your life and take on a whole new Light. Instead of obstacles to be overcome, states to be attained, problems to solve, you see opportunities to expand your consciousness, to shed the shackles of counterfeit images that have absolutely nothing, you realize, to do with You.