The Morning Muse – A Sampling

On this page is a selection of muses that have been sent out since December 2012. As the months and years have gone by, it has become clear what a powerful activity of the Infinite One Consciousness this is! Each one has had a purpose to fulfill, as is testified to by the beautiful responses we get from receivers of the Morning Muse.

There is only One Consciousness, and any statement of Truth is universal.



I go forth this Day, as the individual expression of the Infinite, knowing that my acknowledgment of this as so, will render unimagined harmony and fulfillment, that is here now, complete in its perfection. I know also, that what appears visibly is not real, but only the concept about Reality, which is invisible. 

       I go forth this Day, fearlessly saying Yes to whatever arises, even if that means to say no.

       For in Absolute Truth there are no opposites, and there is no compromise.

       Only Love Is

Being concerned that we cannot feel our Oneness with Source,

that we cannot feel the Presence,

is another trick of the mind – we can’t feel It,

because We Are Presence Itself.



You may be waiting for outer conditions to change so you can smile,

but outer conditions are waiting for you to smile so they can change.



Let the Realization arise – embrace it, embody it, but then let it fall back into the no-thing-ness from which it came. Don’t try to keep it, for it is not of time – it comes from outside of time, and is only for the moment that it comes. 

Its purpose is not to remain – its purpose is to take you higher. 

Confusion is not a sign of unintelligence, but rather a sign that the one who is trying to understand is disappearing.

 All bridges that are used to expand Consciousness, whether a teaching or our most recent revelation, must collapse back into the unknown. For if allowed to remain, will keep us anchored in the consciousness that we came from. Just as a balloon can only rise higher in the atmosphere if it is lighter than air…so must we be free of any attachment to old manna that would weigh us down. 

 Bless your “problems”. 

They are what keep you from being satisfied with your life, and what cause you to reach deeper for Truth. 

It is the depth of the conviction of the truth of our Identity that determines the height of our Awareness.

There is only
the enchantment
of this Eternal Moment.

Thinking breaks the spell.

Gratitude is the acknowledgment that Only God Is Here.

When we go deeper than “us” and something we are thankful for, or content with – which is dualism, we see that True Gratitude is an acceptance of One Being – our Being, always fulfilling Itself as our Life.

Spiritually discerned, it is the acknow­ledgment that God is the source and substance of every seeming form, that it is infinite Presence, infinite Intelligence, and infinite Power. The more we hold this in our Consciousness, the more we live in the Grace that appears visibly as the need fulfilled.

 Angels are the pure thought of God.

 We have true humility when we can bow to the beggar, and hear wisdom from the wicked.

If God is All, then who is the adversary? And what is world mind?

Be not afraid, it is I.

Spirit must sometimes disguise Itself as the adversary, and needle us, until we realize that the “problem” isn’t really there. 

This is so the One, can gather up all the “seemingly” separate parts of Itself back into the realization of its Oneness. 

How else could the illusion be broken? How else could we rouse ourselves from this deep sleep of hypnotism, if everything is going well? We would continue to sleep…

Problems, discords of any kind, are there to awaken us from the dream of separation, so we can live again, truly whole, complete and perfect.

Futility is another way Life has of getting us to turn within – to let go of our ways, and surrender to the One Way. 

At any moment, we can rest in the stillness and turn away from the logic and reason of world thought, to the infinite intelligence that is continuously operating as the I of our Being.

 When you live in the Invisible, the visible takes care of itself.

The more we are lifted into our immortal nature, the fainter our human footprints become, until the day we are conscious of soaring above this world of mortality, as our human stride is replaced with angel’s wings.  

As we ascend into fuller and fuller realization of Being, we will be tempted in the areas of our life where our conviction of the Truth is the weakest. 

Our function then, is to stand fast in the Living Light of Truth, constantly being aware enough to recognize the inevitable suggestions that will try to cause us to waver. 

This Light, that we are, will always gently illumine the dark corners of our consciousness, to show us where we have been withholding Love. 

Fear is only the ignorance that Love is all that is ever expressing.

Be attentive,
     for what you accept in “another”
    you will experience yourself, 

    for Oneness is real
    and separation an illusion.

If we’re not standing in the Truth, we’re standing in the way.

The Infinite cannot express where It is not recognized.

 All any great endeavor requires, is the relinquishing of a separate self that would try to accomplish it. 

Patience is easy when you know
and can trust in the completeness
and perfection of Now.

Give this day to Omniscience – that which has nothing to do with a false human mind, but is the Infinite Intelligence that you are.

Don’t think – Listen

The reason it seems we can’t control our lives, is that the lives we are trying to control, don’t really exist.

There is only One Life that flows in Love, as Grace.

Adversity is sometimes the call to come out of complacency. 

The only real resurrection is the stepping out of the tomb of passing time,
when we recognize and accept, that there is no Life, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Substance, Eternality, or Immortality, in any kind of belief of a future or a past.

Only God is Now, and Only Now is God.

Everything you need, you have. 

What you don’t have, you don’t need.