Responses to the Morning Muse

‘Thank you Octavia, in this letter I feel It alive, so vibrant feeling, my ears feel full. Amazing!” 

"These are always wonderful and illuminating and inspiring - but the last two or three weeks have just been

beyond what words can express.

Thank you"


“This is EXACTLY what I needed today! Thank You so very much!”


“I love these! They are so amazingly relevant to what I am experiencing in my life when I receive them. I have a sense of peace flood over me as I read them.”


“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate these and how helpful they are to me. Thank you for being so tuned in.”


“Thank you, this is liberating, beautiful & profound”


“Your messages are so fabulous, so needed, pertinent and peace evoking for me these days. Brings me back to center….”


“This wisdom is so wonderful there are no words to describe it.  Just will have to live it!”


“This is so true and enlightening and freeing and what I needed to see today”.


“Thank you, it is always a joy to receive Morning Muse and always VERY timely…”


“Thank you.  This came at the perfect moment!”


“I truly love receiving the Morning Muse.  I look forward to receiving them.”


“Thank you so much for this. It seems to be just what I needed today.”


“How marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and Divinely inspired.”


“Wow! So timely. Thank you.”


“Perfect timing….bless you!”


“Thank You very much for that, this is what I need to hear and know at this point and time in my life!”


“This is beautiful and SO helpful. Thank you! Thank you!”


“No words can express my gratitude for this on going work, Spirit to Spirit. Thank you!”


“Many thanks for the morning muse, it always makes my day!! God bless you”


“I really love your muses, they are insightful and usually right on time to meet my current thoughts and concerns.They are priceless, thank you.”