Before the World



The Infinity of a

Deep blue sky

Before the

Marketplace of days,

Before our grip on the treasures

That keep our faith;

Come in Here


Here is Everywhere, and

Now is Always



The clock strikes

Let time escape


The Silence even,  is

Come in Here,

Before thoughts

That persist like the waves


Here is Everywhere, and

Now is Always


This Light


Understand this -

It comes in waves

This Light.

We ride it

Not realizing

We’re invisible

Not realizing

How fully perfect

It is

As we glow

In gratitude

For the Pulse that

Moves it all

In a steady, soft, spiral

Of Love

An Eternal Love that means

This moment will cease being

A memory

Ready on the lips

Of its betrayer.


More honest than a smile

These waves of Light

Erase our footprints

And even the shadows

That hold the impressions,

For when standing as

The Light, on a celestial Shore,

We know, our eyes are never really

Watching the sunset, and

We know, our feet are never really

Touching the sand.


It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter, what your name is

Or what you call Me.

It doesn’t matter, if you swam with the current

Or against it.

It doesn’t matter how often you sought Me out

Or cussed Me out

For I am your ever-abiding.

I am your ever-watching, ever-knowing, ever-doing  Essence.

What matters, is that you give your obeyance to

The still small voice inside you

For if you really listen, It will

Be as 10,000 trumpets, blasting out the discordant voices that tell you

You can’t - you shouldn’t - you won’t.

I know who you are (my beloved)

And that is

All that matters.


That is What You Are


The One who asks no questions.

Who, beyond right and wrong

Allows themselves to be directed

By the compass of their deepest longing,

Not just for love,

But the beauty itself, of

The thing stripped naked of

Color, and form, and the known.


You, are what is left after everything has been forgotten

And the ancient and the evermore have disappeared

As if they never happened or were longed for

Pressed bravely into this moment.


You, are the Silence, invisibly thundering

In a cloud of unknowing

Sheltering the light of

Pure awareness, that 

Dawns like a single sun,  

Burning off the fragments of the

Paradoxes, that fill your

Imaginary life.




The Seeker


With no sanctuary to crawl towards

But the alter of Silence

The seeker crawls instead

Into the coffin of his desires,

Into a womb of belief

Where only darkness can emerge.

And in the fog of forgetting, 

There is no clear reflection

And no paraffin for fire;

Nothing but a wordless mind wandering,

Hesitating to speak.

And his frantic eyes that pull

The curtain

Of heavy raiment down,

See only what isn’t there.

The Truths that whisper

And hide between the folds

Remain unseen and unheard.

Blinded by the seeming

Density of lies

He forgives himself

For daring to imagine

That it is really

A thin veil of ignorance

That separates him from


And he closes his eyes

Wondering if it’s death

That frightens him

As much as



Come Back


Come back, come back to where the water’s flow is infinite, clear

Where the light is more brilliant than a thousand suns, yet never burns

Where Love is so great and warm, there’s never a wound to heal

For there is never any separation.

Come back to where there are no memories,

Where the music lives and breathes, and notes hang on forever…

In a simple yet intricate harmony, that can never be explained.

Come back – I’ve been calling you,

You, my Love

Because you are my very Essence,

And I am your Freedom -

Beyond Beauty, Peace and Righteousness.