Your Star Has Never Fallen

Star in space.jpg

Nothing in this world of the sense-mind, of sensation, is real. It is a dream, and if we don’t know this, we allow it to pull us in. We wallow in a misery that isn’t even ours - none of it is ours, but we make it personal, even while accepting the Truth of the impersonal nature of existence. We moan about our trials. We blame “others” for our misfortune, or we blame God because we’re not “enlightened” yet. But there’s no God out there. We are the children of the living God, we are the Sun’s rays, and as long as we insist on behaving as the darkness, we will never be able to shine.

We may think to ourselves, well, I just have not found the real Truth, the Absolute Truth. I need to listen to more talks, I need to read more books. I need to find a teacher that I resonate with. The Truth is, there is no teacher “out there” that you resonate with. There is only Consciousness, and what you accept into it.

It may be hard to hear that you are alone. But guess what? You are also infinite, you are also whole. You are eternally everything you have been seeking, everything that is in the deepest (and shallowest) part of your Being, and when you realize your oneness with THAT, the word alone and every other word will dissolve, as will your seeming experience of loneliness. The fullness of your being, the fullness of your Is-ness will be so great, that you will need and want nothing - nothing more than to be constantly accepting this fullness, this wholeness that you are. And the “everyone” that seem to be “out there”? You will see that there is never anyone out there but a mental projection.

It is all within You – everything, but your expression must reflect that wholeness.

If you were one of the ones who became aware that the earth was round, if you became aware that the idea of a flat earth was a myth, that it was actually a sphere, would you still be afraid to sail across the ocean for fear that your ship would fall off the edge? Would that stop you from fulfilling that inner longing to take a journey?

You have the power to be all that you have ever dreamed of being, but you have to take it. You have to realize you are walking on the yellow brick road and that the images of lack and limitation that you see out there, are nothing more than stories, old stories that have no meaning or substance or reality. If you can let them pass through your awareness, you will eventually come to discover their non-existence, and before you, you will see a great Star, your Home, your Sanctuary. And the more you focus on that Light, the more you will realize that it has always been there,

that you have never left,

that you have never fallen.