Going All The Way

Revelation is becoming as common and practical as it has been rare and mysterious. It is, after all, our natural state and activity of Awareness.

If we want to live in Reality and express Truth, we must live by the Word within constantly and continuously. It is what sustains us, and what brings into view, the Peace and Harmony that is always Here.

If we want to see the Light, we must Be the Light. What is the Light? It is impossible of course to really describe in words, but infinite and eternal Harmony, Wholeness and Perfection come close. By claiming It emphatically, persistently, as Who – We – Are, and not letting any appearance of discord rob us of its already established Is-ness, we honor the commandment of loving God supremely.

The Light is intensifying and we are being asked to choose. Accept It, and we will experience Glory. Reject It or ignore It, and the pain will remain, the troubles will persist, and we will continue falling into the abyss of perpetual search.

So how do we accept the Light? By establishing ourselves unshakeably in True Identity, by going all the way with Truth, which means going all the way with the acceptance of that Identity. It is only through God’s eyes that we are able to see through the visible appearance to what’s really there – the invisible Light of Christ. And unless we do, with the knowledge that we are doing only for, to and with ourSelf, we will be misguided into chance – always looking for signs of confirmation that Truth is true, that God really is Here. That’s like swimming in the ocean and wondering where all the water is!

A new “Age” is upon us, and a new millennium. The secrets from the ancient mystery schools that once needed to be sheltered, will no longer be hidden. Consciousness has shifted with many, many more souls awakening and doing the Work.

If not us, who? If not now, when? We have a great responsibility, not to our fellow man, but to the pure and perfect One Self – the Essence of each and all. Something is happening. A new species is evolving on a New Earth and it comes into Being only through our Consciousness – that is why we are here. Heaven is no longer a faraway place at a later time – It is the new name of the New Earth.

Those awakening every day, in the Eternal Day, are the manifestation of the Infinite awakening to behold more of Itself. Increasingly, the mystical is becoming the practical – the esoteric the everyday, as old beliefs, old patterns and ways of solving problems are no longer relied on.  

It is only as we stand firmly in the Light of Living Truth that is only Here and only Now, that we discover our Radiance and are therefore able to illuminate the way for “others” seeking the Light. Don’t hold to concepts of what that looks like – it’s never what you imagine it to be, because it’s never known until You Know It.