Self Revelation

“As the Light found herein has been given the Author in response to her constant reaching out for it, and her willingness to share it with others, so may each one of you be so illumined, exalted and established in this Absolute Truth that you, too, will gladly spread it and share it with others. For “he that hath” access to the Self-revealing Light, “to him shall be given” a continuous revelation of that Light, until the darkness has completely vanished from sight and there is…one Eternal Day.
Ever since I can remember I have been deeply interested in Life and spiritual things. Since early girlhood I have ever been seeking more Light, and am always the happiest when some definite Revelation is given me.
To me, progress in spiritual Light and Revelation is absolutely essential to joyous, healthy, active experience. I always long to freshly feed on mana from on High, new and vivifying. This provides me with Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Ardor, Love, Peace and Contentment. Many times I have seen people apparently content to think and live, as it were, entirely confined to certain prescribed teachers, books and writings, and I have often wondered why they should so deprive themselves of the unparalleled glory of Self-revelation.

Unless we seek direct contact with God by way of our own heart and inner feeling, how shall Divine prophecy ever come to pass,–“And they shall all be taught of God”? the Revelation of God to man, you can surely see, and must admit, could not have come to a close since God is infinite and so must infinitely reveal Himself to us. No certain Revelation could ever be a final one inasmuch as there is no end to God.

Dear One, the time is here for every one to remove from himself all mental restrictions, for they only cramp and limit one’s growth in Truth and so prevent the much desired individual revelation and unfoldment. Life and Its ever-revealing Ideas and Realities await to bless us all: thus we should not remain satisfied with the measure of light and progress we may have, but ever be alive to the deeper and more glorious Realities waiting just ahead of us. Such inner, joyously and happy aspirations after “the deep things of God” (which will become the very practical things we now stand in need of), keep us always in a delightful, active and animated state, and bring us a rich reward.”


-Lillian De Waters -1938