Q&A – The Frustration of Thinking and Trying

The Question:

Good morning,

I was listening to a Joel Goldsmith tape yesterday on Goldsmithglobal and the whole principle was stated, there is only a good spiritual world, all else is mental image and illusion. This is the error;  thinking a body can heal. Thinking that a check will come in,

Thinking you will get that job. All error. There is only spirit, only God, so there is only perfection, nothing to heal or obtain.

So I awake this morning feeling worse than ever and my mind goes to what can I do to heal my body? Which practice, what food, what doctor, who can help? Error. My spiritual body has always been in perfect Heath.

I decided to do my meditation and few qigong and breathing exercises and not tell anyone in my circle of friends. I am doing the qigong and breathing just to keep my body active since I am not very mobile. Even then I feel like I am doing these things to heal and feel better so it is error still part of wanting to change the illusion and mental images.    

Meditation is still the most difficult thing because the words are meaningless. I say all the right things, you know them, I and God are One, etc. I watch my mind wanting something or someone to heal me and that is error but it is a broken record. I want to scream and beat my head looking for that realization of the Presence. Meditation seems so weird because I am doing what others have told me, even though they are people like Joel, Jesus, Buddha, Krishnamurti, yourself, and others who have seen the Truth. The best I can do is say, God, all I seek is a realization of your presence or What is a God, or What am I?

And from experience I know that no one can help me because I need to have this realization for myself. 

I am just expressing my spiritual frustration. Thanks for listening.


The Answer:

The error is thinking – at all. The error is trying – at all.

Let everything go…Be still and Know…

You are the Truth, only. Everything you are seeking is already your perfect Self, now.

Check in honestly – do you really want to accept this Truth? We have to be really ready to surrender what it is necessary to surrender, and this is done by our sincere acceptance of the Truth. We have to be willing to let go of thinking and trying – those are all human activities with the purpose of preserving the human identity.

You might consider not reading or listening for a little while. You should not be reciting words of Truth in your mind, if the words are meaningless to you. They should be felt. Meditation is a listening, not a beseeching, for anything. It is an acceptance that we are incorporeal Spirit, and we get still because we are acknowledging our conscious oneness with God.

That awareness that is noticing what the mind is saying, is You. The one who wants to scream and beat his head looking for that realization of the Presence, is a false human identity that doesn’t really exist and can and will never realize the Presence – because it’s not real, and it’s not You. A mortal sense of being can never become Immortal Being.

You are that Presence you are trying to realize. 

You are the Light that is seemingly shrouded by a cloak of mortality. The Light comes into our experience to the degree that we refuse to accept an identity other than our Perfect, Infinite Self.  

There is nothing to do, but Be still and Know. 

Silence is the most powerful healer (revealer of Truth) there is.

In Oneness,



The Revelation:

Thanks for aiming me in the right direction again. It is easy to get side tracked when the mind is in charge. I guess the most important thing to understand at a deep level and meditate upon is, Be Still and Know That I Am God. Every other statement of Truth comes from that. I find the short 5 minute audio called Be Still and Know that Cindy sent me from Lillian’s website, not Lillian’s voice, is all I ever need to listen to when I get off track. All the wisdom is contained in that short reading.

I also see the best way to practice detaching my mind is to not try to heal my body. All my life I have been fixing my body. Every ailment, every pain I do something about. It has been yoga, qigong, acupuncture, medical practitioners, food diets and my friends. I use all kinds of mental techniques. In fact, I spend most of my life doing this. So this will be quite a practice. Then I need to practice the qigong and only do it because I like it and it is good to exercise the body. After all, the body is a temple for the soul, even though its the spiritual body that is the temple. I will continue my acupuncture not because it will heal me, but because I made a commitment to the person who has helped me the most and my family. That way they will not bug me to do something about my health as I silently do my meditation.

Have a nice day, (one day I will figure out a more appropriate closing!)