Q&A – Individuality within Oneness

The Question:

I just came upon words of Herb that said we are One in Christ but we are also individuals with our own assignments and making harmony. This made my heart sing but I know I am at the table with my human filter. Do you have anything that would shed light on these ideas?

The Answer:  

There is only One Spiritual Substance that the appearance of “us” are facets of, like a diamond or a prism. But we are not part of Substance, we are the whole of It.

The human filter only exists in our belief that it is there. To the degree that we replace that belief with the Truth, is the degree in which that filter falls away.

Practicing the Presence of our Christ Self continually is the key, for we will never have the true understanding without the Experience of God. These principles that we study, must be contemplated and then allowed to take root in our Consciousness through Silence, and then practiced/lived as we go about our day. 

“Acknowledge Him in all thy ways”, becomes an important doing. When something appears as a seeming problem, or something wrong, we immediately know the Truth about that appearance, right then and there. The more that is done, the more automatic it will become, and the more the Infinite will respond to us with the manifestation of Harmony.  

But we can’t see through the illusion as a false “human” identity. We must BE the Christ in order to SEE the Christ.

All that is ever here, is Love’s Perfection.

Let me know if that clarifies, or if you want to discuss it further.