Awakening to the Truth of Being

is only the beginning…

Liberation, is Living in and as the Truth


 Without method or doctrine, we offer support and direction for those committed to realizing and consciously experiencing their True Identity, their authentic Self. To help those that are ready, move from being a student and seeker of Truth, to the conscious awareness that we are the Truth…the Life and the Way.

That way to liberation, is a narrow but most natural way, and when we Realize that we are pure, pristine, unbound, undimensional, infinite, eternal Being, we know that we are what we have sought for so long.

We know, that the deepest Truth is a Living Truth, existing Here and Now behind the shadows of passing time and measured space.  We know, that the conscious recognition and acceptance of our true identity as the Infinite, is the only way to permanent Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Abundance and Fulfillment.

Welcome Home!


Come within, to the Allness of your Being, for that which you seek

You Already Are.

I Am, is the Key to the Kingdom – to Self-Realization.

Be Still, and Know

That I Am the Way, the Life, the Love, the Peace, the Source –

the Infinite Invisible behind every appearing form

Here and Now.


 Truth is not in the words, but the Word within, which is an alive


Truth is in the Silence,

And cannot be known with the human mind

For awakening from the dream is not an intellectual activity.

Live in and as, the Truth and Silence of Being

For Reality is, the accepted, Living, I.